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Gramol MerchantIcon.png
Gramol MerchantIcon.png
Location: Merchant Guild (after finish The Explorers Guild
Notes:Buy every Wulkan loot.

Item: Name: Price:
This merchant does not sell anything.
Item: Name: Price:
Albino Scale Mail.png Albino Scale Mail 230000 gp
Ancient Armor.png Ancient Armor 75000 gp
Ancient Boots.png Ancient Boots 5000 gp
Ancient Helmet.png Ancient Helmet 42000 gp
Ancient Legs.png Ancient Legs 45000 gp
Ancient Sword.png Ancient Sword 40000 gp
Archlight Wand.png Archlight Wand 92000 gp
Assassin Blade.png Assassin Blade 6300 gp
Bone Basher.png Bone Basher 5500 gp
Chaos Shield.gif Chaos Shield 500000 gp
Chaos Sword.png Chaos Sword 300000 gp
Corrupted Staff.png Corrupted Staff 4000 gp
Crown Boots.png Crown Boots 12000 gp
Demon Armor.png Demon Armor 150000 gp
Demon Helmet.png Demon Helmet 45000 gp
Demonbone Armor.png Demonbone Armor 40000 gp
Demonbone Boots.png Demonbone Boots 14000 gp
Demonbone Helmet.png Demonbone Helmet 9000 gp
Demonbone Legs.png Demonbone Legs 60000 gp
Drake Scale Helmet.png Drake Scale Helmet 850 gp
Fiery Armor.png Fiery Armor 7500 gp
Fiery Helmet.png Fiery Helmet 7500 gp
Frostwind.png Frostwind 230000 gp
Golden Legs.png Golden Legs 50000 gp
Hellforged Axe.png Hellforged Axe 50000 gp
Hellforged Shield.png Hellforged Shield 36000 gp
Helmet of the Fallen King.png Helmet of the Fallen King 40000 gp
Hydra Scale Legs.png Hydra Scale Legs 130000 gp
Icebound Armor.png Icebound Armor 230000 gp
Icebound Helmet.png Icebound Helmet 60000 gp
Icebound Legs.png Icebound Legs 230000 gp
Light Armor.png Light Armor 13000 gp
Magic Plate Armor.png Magic Plate Armor 200000 gp
Magic Plate Boots.png Magic Plate Boots 80000 gp
Magic Plate Legs.png Magic Plate Legs 120000 gp
Magic Sword.png Magic Sword 150000 gp
Mastermind Shield.png Mastermind Shield 50000 gp
Red Scale Armor.png Red Scale Armor 190000 gp
Royal Plate Armor.png Royal Plate Armor 35000 gp
Shield of the Heroes.png Shield of the Heroes 38000 gp
Silver Mace.png Silver Mace 16500 gp
Soul Dagger.png Soul Dagger 200 gp
Stonecutter Axe.gif Stonecutter Axe 150000 gp
Sulphira's Scale Mail.png Sulphira's Scale Mail 300000 gp
Torn Quicksand Boots.png Torn Quicksand Boots 10000 gp
Unholy Halberd.png Unholy Halberd 5500 gp
Unholy Plate Armor.png Unholy Plate Armor 15000 gp
Vanadinite Armor.gif Vanadinite Armor 90000 gp
Vanadinite Helmet.gif Vanadinite Helmet 36000 gp
Vanadinite Legs.gif Vanadinite Legs 55000 gp
Vanquisher.png Vanquisher 100000 gp
Venom Greataxe.png Venom Greataxe 80000 gp
Venom Greathammer.png Venom Greathammer 80000 gp
Venom Greatsword.png Venom Greatsword 80000 gp
Venom Wand.png Venom Wand 80000 gp
Void Mace.png Void Mace 150000 gp
Wooden Maul.png Wooden Maul 2000 gp

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