Venom Greathammer

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Venom Greathammer.png
You see a Venom Greathammer (Atk:76 Def:12). 
It weighs 91.0 oz.
Item Rank:200
Properties:Strength (8), Poison
 Flawless (1), Perseverance (3%), Crushing Blow (3%), Strength (9), Resistance (Poison, 2%)
Weight:91.0 oz
Dropped by:None.
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:
AbukirWulkan (80,000 gp; only after completing the Helping a friend Wulkan Quest)
FalconGramol (80,000 gp; only after completing the The Explorers Guild)
Note:This weapon's full strength bonus can be gained even below the required level if you have completed the Jungle Sickness Quest.
One of the rewards available to be selected upon completion of the Jungle Sickness Quest.

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