Jungle Sickness Quest

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Chimpanzee.png Jungle Sickness Quest
Reward: 2000gp, Weapon of choice: Venom Crossbow, Venom Greathammer, Venom Greataxe, Venom Greatsword, Venom Wand.

Ability to craft: Revenant Mask, Revenant Armor, Revenant Legs, Revenant Boots.
Access to Weekly Dungeon Temple of Agavan

Location: Luana
Level required: 99
Be prepared to face: Fire Ant, Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Sharpshooter, Cougar, Hippopotamus Fetish Warrior, Fetish Bloodweaver, Fetish Shaman, Restless Skeleton, Elephant, Giant Skeleton, Wild Gryphon, Entling, Huntsman Spider, Giant Revenant, Hydra, Cultist Brute, Cultist Hexer, Cultist Blooddrinker, Ent, Undead Reaper
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1 Ancient Yellow Gem
1 Ancient Red Gem
(the gems are needed to open the invisible bridge once open any player can walk through also it will stay open untill next server save)
50 Fiery Chitin Shells (for each player)
3 Hydra Heads (for each player)
5 Ent Twigs (for each player)
Vial (or any container) of Blood
10 Giant Skeleton Bones
10 Giant Revenant Bones

To start the quest head to Elder Albyran located in upper floor of Luana's temple.
Ask him about "mission", later respond "yes" to his question.


He will send you to druid Everron located in upper floor of building south-west from temple.
Ask him about "mission", later respond "yes" to his question.

He will send you for 4 types of flowers, marked on a map below:


Return to Everron with the flowers, next go to Elder Albyran to claim your reward.
Ask Everron for a "mission", he will ask you to put the offering on an altar at Druid Temple south of Luana.


An ancient scroll

Return to Everron and ask him for a "mission".
He will send you to old temple south of Luana.


Follow the one way path untill you enter the tomb.
Go north and pass the access doors and click on a coffin.


Return to Everron and ask him for a "mission".
He will give you a compass, use it to see direction you should be heading.

Follow the path:

The tomb entrance is in the red circle on surface level.
If you don't see stairs, it's because you need to sacrifice Huntsman Spider's corpse to open hidden entrance.
You can find them in blue circle area.


Go to these places for ghost to appear.


Leave the tomb and go to temple located to the east, you need to sacrifice Panda's corpse (blue circle) to open hidden entrance.



Go back to surface and enter the middle temple.


Go back to surface.


Enter the cave and click on the body inside of the spider cocoon.

Go back to the top of the middle temple, disable the barrier by using an Ancient Yellow Gem on the left statue and an Ancient Red Gem on the right statue (stays open until server save).
Now you can pass over the invisible bridge leading to the island to the north.
Pick up the scroll piece from chest.

Now go into the tomb located to the south of Luana.


Click on the bloody wall.


The last scroll is inside a coffin far west from the village.

Scroll Sickness Quest.png

Return to Everron and ask him for a "mission".

Helping a blacksmith

Meet Elder Albyran and ask him for a "mission".
He will send you to Brifire, a smith located in building east of temple.


He will ask you to bring him 50 Fiery Chittin Shells, which drop from Fire Ant, Fire Ant Worker and Fire Ant Soldier.
You can find spawn of these here:


Edroda's kidnapping

Go to Elder Albyran and ask him for a "mission".
He will send you to Astyle, located on an upper floor of building east of temple.


Ask her for a "mission" and head to the mountain north-east of city.



Talk with Hunter Ernest and ask him for a "mission" and say "ready" to start a boss fight.
Bring enough supplies to kill this boss (Old Gryphon) also some normal Gryphon gonna respawn while your fighting the boss. Don't let NPC Edroda die, you can heal her with Ultimate Healing Rune.

After boss fight is finished, say "mission" to Hunter Ernest.
Go back to the city and talk with Aslyte and then with Elder Albyran, ask him for a "mission".

The antidote

Go to Everron and ask him for a "mission".
He will hand you a syringe and tell you to use it on 10 fresh Hippopotamus corpses.
You can find these here:


Return to Everron and ask him for a "mission" and answer "yes" to his question.

Jadir the Mercenary

Go to Elder Albyran and ask him for a "mission".
He will tell you to find Jadir hiding in north-west mountains on Hydra spawn.

Bez nazadfsdfaswadfwy-3.png

If the trees are not fallen, you need to use them multiple times to cut them down.




Say "hi", he will threaten you, return to Everron and ask him for a "mission". Everron will send you to fletcher Ellara, located in an upper floor of building at south part of the city wall.


She will ask you for 3 Hydra heads to create a Hydra Mask Replica.
Return to Jadir, and WHILE WEARING HYDRA MASK IN YOUR HELMET SLOT ask him for a "mission".
He will ask you for 5 Ent Twigs, skins of Ents using Skinning Knife.
Their spawn is located here:


After you brought him the twigs, enter his room and use the backpack.
Return to Everron and ask him for a "mission".

Mother Nature

Everron will send you nearby Ent Temple located north of Luana.


Click on the red, green and blue mushrooms.
Each time you will be teleported into an arena with Giant Elementals spawning.
On your last mushroom NPC Mother Nature will spawn, say "hi" to her.
Video of the mission: https://youtu.be/P7SRPlIq6hc Return to Everron and ask him for a "mission".

Destroying Agavan

Go to Elder Albyran and ask him for a "mission".
He will tell you about Cultist Temple located west of Luana.

Start this mission when you are ready to complete the whole dungeon.


First, go inside a temple, if you see no hole, you need to open it.
Use container with blood on an empty basin, the mechanic will start.
After a while the coffins will start to open, click them to summon Giant Skeletons.
When the hole opens, go to the small temple to south-west.
Sacrifice 10 Giant Skeleton Bones and 10 Giant Revenant Bones to temporarly open iron bars leading to lowest floors.


Follow the path:


If there are bars in the blue circle, you need to sacrifice 10 Giant Skeleton Bones and 10 Giant Revenant Bones in temple on surface (pics above)




Pull the lever to enter dungeon.

 !!! Warning !!!

You can enter dungeon in a team up to 4 people total.
Do not attempt solo unless you are 300+ level.
There is no death penalty inside dungeon, if you die you get teleported out,
but the way inside temple is dangerous and has death penalty.

Venom Artifact

Return to Elder Albyran and ask for a "mission".
He will tell you to go underground to claim your reward.

The dungeon is repeatable, it has weekly cooldown on a reward, which resets every Wednesday after server save.
More information regarding the dungeon can be found here: Temple of Agavan

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