Temple of Agavan

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Agavan Statue.gif Temple of Agavan
Location: Luana
Level required: 100/130/170/200
Level synch: 115/150/195/230
Party size: 1-4
Time limit: 60 minutes
Death penalty: disabled
Repeatable: weekly
Reset day: wednesday
Requirements: Mission 8 of the Jungle Sickness Quest
Be prepared to face: Giant Skeleton, Giant Revenant, Cultist Brute, Cultist Hexer, Cultist Blooddrinker, Undead Reaper


Image Name Difficulty Rarity Obtained from
Light Sword.png Light Sword Normal+ semi-rare part 3
Medusa shield.png Medusa Shield Normal+ rare part 3
Magician Hood.png Magician Hood Normal+ rare part 1
Explorer Boots.png Explorer Boots Normal+ rare part 3
Skull Staff.gif Skull Staff Normal+ rare part 1
Warrior Helmet.png Warrior Helmet Normal+ rare ?
Ancient Boots.png Ancient Boots Normal+ rare part 2
Guardian Halberd.png Guardian Halberd Normal+ rare part 2
The Bonecrusher.png The Bonecrusher Normal+ rare part 3
Mercenary Sword.png Mercenary Sword Normal+ very rare ?
Small Strife Mystery Box.png Rare Reward Box (Temple of Agavan) Normal+ very rare
Rare Reward Box
Ancient Warrior Statue.png Ancient Warrior Statue Rare Reward Box
Rare Reward Box
File:Stone Pyramid.png Stone Pyramid Rare Reward Box
File:Leaf Bed Sheets.png Leaf Bed Sheets Rare Reward Box
Dream Staff Hilt.png Dream Staff Hilt Rare Reward Box
Cracked Blood Orb Shard.png Cracked Blood Orb Shard Rare Reward Box
Cracked Blood Orb.png Cracked Blood Orb Rare Reward Box
Rare Reward Box
Rare Reward Box
Ancient Bird Statue.png Ancient Bird Statue Rare Reward Box
Snake Fountain.png Snake Fountain Rare Reward Box
Vampire Shield.png Vampire Shield Normal+ very rare part 1
Ancient Armor.png Ancient Armor Normal+ extremely rare part 2
Ancient Helmet.png Ancient Helmet Normal+ extremely rare part 2
Ancient Sword.png Ancient Sword Normal+ extremely rare part 2
Ancient Legs.png Ancient Legs Normal+ extremely rare part 2
Skeleton Mask.png Skeleton Mask Normal+ extremely rare part 3
Skeleton Armor.png Skeleton Armor Normal+ extremely rare part 3
Skeleton Legs.png Skeleton Legs Normal+ extremely rare part 3
Skeleton Boots.png Skeleton Boots Normal+ extremely rare part 3
Poisoned Bow.png Poisoned Bow Normal+ extremely rare part 2
Hydra scale legs.png Hydra Scale Legs Hard+ extremely rare part 3
Envenomed Crossbow.png Envenomed Crossbow Nightmare+ extremely rare part 2
Agavan Helmet.png Agavan Helmet Nightmare+ extremely rare part ?
Agavan Armor.png Agavan Armor Nightmare+ extremely rare part 3
Agavan Legs.png Agavan Legs Nightmare+ extremely rare part 3
Agavan Boots.png Agavan Boots Nightmare+ extremely rare part ?
Agavan Statue.gif Agavan Statue Nightmare+ extremely rare part ?


Map of the dungeon:


Cobra Statue

To progress further you need to click the lever.
A cobra statue will spawn in its place and the room will close off.
Ancient slimes will start spawning and coming from both sides.
If 10 of these slimes step on the grey area in the middle, you will be teleported out of the dungeon.
The easiest way to kill them is with Great Fireballs, as they are spread and ignore players.


Zorak, the Ancient Guardian

This boss has 50% resistance to physical damage and its elemental immunity depends on its aura (colour).
The boss' attack types also depend on the aura it has at that time.
You can kill it efficiently by filling the fountains with the correct fluids.
When the boss is below 50% HP, it will start randomly throwing rocks around.

Click on the fluid pool, when your aura changes go stand right next to any fountain.
After a few seconds of waiting the fountain will explode, dealing 4000-8000 damage to the boss.

If you use the wrong fluid, the boss will heal!

ApplicationFrameHost YbU2C6DunN.gif

Green Aura:
Spawns vines coming from the floor of the arena.
They deal damage and paralyze.
The correct fluid to use is lava.


Blue Aura:
Spawns water tornadoes that randomly move across the arena.
The correct fluid is swamp.


Red Aura:
Announces a big explosion.
The correct fluid is water.



To open the next gate, you need to use the lever located in the tunnel with spikes.
Stepping on the spikes will teleport you to the beginning of the tunnel.
After using the lever, if you step on the spikes you will be teleported into the room with the lever.
To pass through safely, just step into the safe spots to avoid spikes.
Safe spots:



Next step is pulling the lever inside the arena.


The stairs will disappear and you will face waves of creatures spawning every 30 seconds:
4 Cultist Hexers
3 Cultist Blooddrinkers
5 Cultist Hexers
4 Cultist Blooddrinkers
2 Undead Reapers

Agavan's Heads

This is the final boss of the dungeon.
The boss itself is 4 different immobile creatures.
You have to attack the main head in the middle, the rest are immune to all damage.

All these heads annouce their AoE spells so you have to pay attention.
Their damage does a high % of your total health pool, being hit by two at once is most likely an instant kick from the dungeon.


Main Head:

Agavan Main Head.gif

This head will damage all squares in front of it 4 seconds after rotating.

Blue Head:

Agavan Blue Head.gif

This head will damage all squares except the ones around itself (Fireball-sized area) 4 seconds after it starts glowing.

Green Head:

Agavan Green Head.gif

This is the only head that moves.
It will teleport between the left and right sides of the arena, always in the same squares.
Damages squares in a wave shape 4 seconds after it starts glowing.

Red Head:

Agavan Red Head.gif

Damages squares in a huge area around itself 4 seconds after it starts glowing.


Tokens earned in the temple of agavan can be exchanged at the NPC Elder Albyran.

Rewards: Light Sword, Medusa Shield, Magician Hood, Explorer Boots, Skull Staff, Ancient Boots, Warrior Helmet, Guardian Halberd, The Bonecrusher, 10, Rare Reward Box (Temple of Agavan), 12 rbox1, Ancient Warrior Statue rbox2, 14 rbox3, 15 rbox4, 16 rbox5, Dream Staff Hilt (box6), 18 rbox7, 19 rbox8, 20 rbox9, 21 rbox10, 22 rbox11, 23 rbox12, 24, 25, Ancient Armor, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, Hydra Scale Legs, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, Poisoned Bow 10very rare?, Ancient Legs(extremely rare), Skeleton Mask(extremely rare), Skeleton Armor(extremely rare), Skeleton Legs(extremely rare), Skeleton Boots(extremely rare), Agavan Helmet(extremely rare), Agavan Armor(extremely rare), Agavan Legs(extremely rare), Agavan Statue (extremely rare), Snake Fountain (rare box)

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