Elder Albyran

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Elder Albyran.pngElder Albyran
Location: Luana temple
Notes:Part of Jungle Sickness Quest and Stolen Dreams Quest that brings you all over Luana, unlocks high level rewards and access to a weekly dungeon among other things.

Image: Name: Price:
Cracked Blood Orb Shard.png Cracked Blood Orb Shard 70 Ruby Token.png
Cracked Blood Orb.png Cracked Blood Orb 500 Ruby Token.png
File:Leaf Bed Sheet.png Leaf Bed Package 300 Ruby Token.png
Dream Staff Hilt.png Dream Staff Hilt 1000 Ruby Token.png
Agavan Statue.gif Agavan Statue Package 1500 Ruby Token.png
Agavan Helmet.png Agavan Helmet 2500 Ruby Token.png
Agavan Armor.png Agavan Armor 2500 Ruby Token.png
Agavan Legs.png Agavan Legs 2500 Ruby Token.png
Agavan Boots.png Agavan Boots 2500 Ruby Token.png
File:Agavan Trophy.gif Agavan Trophy 2500 Ruby Token.png

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