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Dungeons are instanced locations that can be accessed via their respective portals. The location of those portals can be found ingame in the Dungeon Finder Dungeon Finder.png.
Dungeons require 1-4 players to access. To enter a dungeon, the partyleader has to step into the portal while none of the partymembers has a battle sign (all party members have to be out of combat). The party leader can then select the difficulty of the dungeon (Normal / Medium / Hard / Nightmare). After all player confirm to be ready, the team is teleported into the dungeon.
Dungeons have a level requirement and a level sync. If a players level is above the level sync, their level, magic level and skills will be scaled down accordingly.
Players have to bring their own supplies. Inside the dungeon, the death penalty is removed.
If a dungeon fails, all players will be kicked out. A dungeon that requires 1-4 players will fail if the whole team that entered is killed. A dungeon that requires a full team of 4 players will already fail if one player dies.

Weekly Dungeons

Players can earn dungeon tokens once per week by completing weekly dungeons. The Tokens are rewarded depending on the difficulty of the dungeon. Tokens can only be traded at a NPC specific to the dungeon they were earned in.

Picture Token Difficulty
Ruby Token.png 65 dungeon tokens Normal
Ruby Token.png 70 dungeon tokens Medium
Ruby Token.png 80 dungeon tokens Hard
Ruby Token.png 100 dungeon tokens Nightmare

The Crystal Mines Brewery
Temple of Agavan
Celebril's Tower
The Magma Lair

Weekly Boss Dungeons

The Frozen Palace
The Forgotten Tomb
Royal Griffin Lair
The Cursed Bloodrealm

Event Dungeons

Isingoma's Tomb (Isingoma Event in September)
Haunted Crypt (Halloween Event in October)
Krampus Hideout (Christmas Event in December)

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