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Location: Luana
Occupation:Fletcher, Trader and Crafter
Notes:She sells and buys distance weaponry. She also buys most jungle rares.
She can also 'craft' many items for you from creature products found on the island.
She is in the tower in the south west part of Luana.


Image: Name: Creature Products:
Black Chitin Table.PNG Black Chitin Table 750x Black Chitin Shell
Chimpanzee Trophy.PNG Chimpanzee Trophy 50x Chimpanzee Hide
Crocodile Doll.png Crocodile Doll 150x Crocodile Skin
Elephant Bp.png Elephant Backpack 50x Elephant Ear
Ent Trophy.PNG Ent Trophy 100x Ent Twigs
Ent Twig.png Ent Twigs 6x Ent Wood
Fiery Chitin Table.PNG Fiery Chitin Table 750x Fiery Chitin Shell
Flamingo tapestry.png Flamingo Tapestry 100x Flamingo Leg
Gryphon tapestry.gif Gryphon Tapestry 50x Black Feather
Ice Phoenix Tapestry.PNG Ice Phoenix Tapestry 2x Ice Phoenix Feather
Jaguar Trophy.PNG Jaguar Trophy 50x Jaguar Tail
Nature Carpet.PNG Nature Carpet 50x Ent Leaf
Panther Trophy.PNG Panther Trophy 20x Panther Skin
Phoenix tapestry.gif Phoenix Tapestry 2x Phoenix Feather
Shadow Phoenix Tapestry.PNG Shadow Phoenix Tapestry 2x Shadow Phoenix Feather
Shadow Tapestry.PNG Shadow Tapestry 1x Sleeping Little Panda
Image: Name: Price:
Arrow.gif Arrow 2 gp
Bolt.gif Bolt 3 gp
Hunting Arrow.gif Hunting Arrow 6 gp
Hunting Bolt.gif Hunting Bolt 10 gp
Bow.png Bow 400 gp
Crossbow.png Crossbow 500 gp
Spear.png Spear 10 gp
Throwing Knife.gif Throwing Knife 25 gp
Wooden Spear.png Wooden Spear 5 gp
Throwing Star.gif Throwing Star 50 gp
Headhunter Spear.png Headhunter Spear 50 gp
Image: Name: Price:
Bow.png Bow 130 gp
Crossbow.png Crossbow 160 gp
Spear.png Spear 3 gp
Throwing Knife.gif Throwing Knife 3 gp
Throwing Star.gif Throwing Star 5 gp
Headhunter Spear.png Headhunter Spear 12 gp
Bone Armor.png Bone Armor 3,000 gp
Magician Robe.png Magician Robe 8,500 gp
Skeleton Armor.png Skeleton Armor 70,000 gp
Ent Armor.png Ent Armor 68,000 gp
Crocodile Armor.png Crocodile Armor 9,700 gp
Fetish Wand.png Fetish Wand 42,000 gp
Blood Staff Hilt.png Blood Staff Hilt 54,000 gp
Adventurer Boots.png Adventurer Boots 6,500 gp
Ent Boots.png Ent Boots 37,000 gp
Explorer Boots.png Explorer Boots 13,200 gp
Magician Boots.png Magician Boots 4,500 gp
Skeleton Boots.png Skeleton Boots 55,000 gp
Panther Helmet.png Panther Helmet 44,000 gp
Magician Hood.png Magician Hood 6,000 gp
Ent Mask.png Ent Mask 58,000 gp
Skeleton Mask.png Skeleton Mask 58,000 gp
Panda Hairband.png Panda Hairband 6,000 gp
Crocodile Helmet.png Crocodile Helmet 4,000 gp
Jaguar Skirt.png Jaguar Skirt 3,200 gp
Magician Legs.png Magician Legs 7,400 gp
Ent Legs.png Ent Legs 64,000 gp
Crocodile Legs.png Crocodile Legs 7,000 gp
Skeleton Legs.png Skeleton Legs 62,000 gp
The Bonecrusher.png The Bonecrusher 40,000 gp
The Carnage.png The Carnage 80,000 gp