Helping a friend Wulkan Quest

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Magic plate armor new.png Helping a friend Wulkan Quest
Reward: Possibility to trade with Wulkan.
Location: Abukir
Level required: -
Be prepared to face: Dragon, Dragon Lord, Ancient Golem
Legend: One of two brothers who left the city of Abukir to look for help but has now been gone for years.
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You will need: Key 7000, Pick, Shovel, Rope, Levitate

The quest in its entirety can be viewed on YouTube by Medivia Tutorials Helping a Friend: Wulkan 

To get the quest started go to NPC Sirah in the south west part of Abukir city. Ask her for a mission.
This will start The Two Brothers Quest. She is the mother of two lost brothers called Aremis and Wulkan. She wants you to find them and make sure they're doing fine.
Finding either of them, in this case Wulkan, and asking him for a mission will let you decide to start the quest Helping a friend: Wulkan. After asking him for a mission he will tell you the story of how he and his brother Aremis left Abukir to search for help. The city of Abukir was in desperate need of food and such. However, they decided to stay in the mountains because they realized they managed better up there living off the wild animals than they did in the city. There was no escaping it anyway because of the storms that prevented anyone from leaving or accessing Abukir. (Remember the storm that you put an end to when you first came to Abukir. You're a hero.)
It was all fun and games up there in the mountains having left their poor, old and lonely mother down in Abukir until an amulet vanished that their now passed away father had given to (apparently) both of them. Aremis blamed Wulkan and they got into a fight and have not spoken since.
Wulkan has not been able to figure out where the amulet actually has gone but he has some "IDEAS".
By asking him about his "IDEAS" you will pick, and start, Wulkans side of the quest Helping a friend and its guide will follow below.
NOTE - By asking Wulkan about his ideas you will lock yourself to Wulkan and will never be able to trade with Aremis. Compare the two before you make a final decision.

Route to Wulkan
Wulkans hideout

Mission 1

After having asked Wulkan for "mission" he will tell you he has some ideas where the amulet that is lost could be located.
Ask him about those "ideas" and he will tell you that as a child he was told about how dragons collected treasures.
For this reason the amulet could be located deep inside a dragon lair and he asks you to search the dragon lair in Abukir.
You might have to face up to 3 dragon lords at once, but most likely not more than 2.
Wulkan dragon lair mission 1a wulkan dragon lair mission 1b wulkan dragon lair mission 1c

ALAS! The amulet is nowhere to be found in the dragon lair and you return to Wulkan.

Mission 2: Treasure of the Ancient
No luck in the dragon lair, eh? No worries, Wulkan has another brilliant idea. Ask him about another "mission" and he he will tell you that you should search for the amulet where ancient golems reside. He has no idea how they would ever have stolen it, but hey, apparently they value gold and gems just like humans so worth a shot, right?
You will have to face atleast 2 ancient golems at once.
wulkan mission 2b
wulkan ancient golem mission 2a
Well, gosh dang it! You find an amulet in an ancient golem corpse! Run back to Wulkan and show him!

Mission 3: Fooling Aremis
You bring Wulkan the amulet you found and tell him about the "mission".
GOSH DANG IT! It's not THE amulet! But it sort of looks like the lost amulet. Wulkan figures it looks so much like their old amulet you should bring the amulet to Aremis and pretend like it is the actual one. CHEEKY!
Aremis will be found north west of the door which key 7000 opens.
wulkan aremis mission
Ask Aremis abut the "amulet". He will ask you to close the door if you wish to discuss the subject. Once you do, or if you already had, and ask him about the "amulet" he will turn out to be somewhat psycho. It turns out he was actually the one who stole the amulet but blamed Wulkan for it. But that doesn't matter to Aremis. Wulkan tries to fool him and you're helping Wulkan! So you shall both pay! And Aremis starts attacking you ..
Aremis will fight on distance and probably not do more than 200 in damage. Kill him and return to Wulkan.
Wulkan will be appalled by Aremis betrayal and basically thank you for killing "the filthy thief". He rewards you with 40 platinum coins and from now on you will also be able to trade with him.
Congratulations, you have finished the quest!

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