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Abukir is a city located on a massive and ancient desert continent of the same name.
The city can be accessed by ship after completing the Access to Abukir Quest and by gryphon after completing Abukir's Gryphon Issue Quest. The continent was ravaged by the plaguelords and spent long years cut off from the rest of civilisation. The city of Abukir sits among rivers of bubbling tar surrounded by treacherous mountains.

For details on access to Abukir check:

City map

Markflag.png Ask the city guards for directions to get markers for important locations in the city on your minimap.



Abukir NPCs

Ureil.png Ureil Map.png Priest
Captain Musa.png Captain Musa Map.png Ship Captain
Abdi.png Abdi Map.png Gryphon Caretaker
Abdullah.png Abdullah Map.png Postman
Fahima.png Fahima Map.png Banker
Abukir Guard.png Abukir Guard Map.png City Guard
Hassan.png Hassan Map.png Equipment Trader
Leila.png Leila Map.png Rune and Potion Trader
Zuleika.png Zuleika Map.png Potion Trader
Rasul.png Rasul Map.png Ammunition Trader
Delia.png Delia Map.png Armor Trader
Tamara.png Tamara Map.png Weapon Trader
Evona.png Evona Map.png Jeweller
Frederic.png Frederic Map.png Archer and Knight Spell Teacher
Alianna.png Alianna Map.png Furniture Trader
Anton.png Anton Map.png Food Trader
Randy fisherman.png Randy Map.png Fisherman
Fero.png Fero Map.png Druid
Tibon.png Tibon Map.png Food Trader
Sirah.png Sirah Map.png Citizen
Omar.png Omar Map.png Kitchen Chief
Nesjo.png Nesjo Map.png Explorer
Marx.png Marx Map.png Hunter
Oliver.png Oliver Map.png Citizen
Valus.png Valus Map.png Citizen
Donnar.png Donnar Map.png Mage