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Location:Map.png Outlaw Camp
Notes:P.K. buys many items that cannot be sold at any other shop, although most of those items are more profitable being sold to other players.

Item: Name: Price:
This merchant does not sell anything.
Item: Name: Price:
Ancient Shield.gif Ancient Shield 49 gp
Axe.png Axe 6 gp
Barbarian Axe.png Barbarian Axe 30 gp
Battle Axe.png Battle Axe 40 gp
Battle Hammer.png Battle Hammer 40 gp
Battle Shield.png Battle Shield 50 gp
Black Shield.png Black Shield 5 gp
Watcher Shield.png Watcher Shield 79 gp
Bow.gif Bow 15 gp
Brass Armor.png Brass Armor 50 gp
Brass Helmet.png Brass Helmet 8 gp
Brass Legs.png Brass Legs 15 gp
Brass Shield.png Brass Shield 15 gp
Bright Sword.png Bright Sword 280 gp
Broad Sword.png Broad Sword 10 gp
Tuck Sword.png Tuck Sword 5 gp
Chain Armor.png Chain Armor 30 gp
Chain Helmet.png Chain Helmet 4 gp
Clerical Mace.png Clerical Mace 30 gp
Club.png Club 1 gp
Combat Knife.png Combat Knife 1 gp
Copper Shield.png Copper Shield 10 gp
Crossbow.png Crossbow 20 gp
Crowbar.png Crowbar 1 gp
Crown Armor.png Crown Armor 210 gp
Crown Helmet.png Crown Helmet 70 gp
Crown Legs.png Crown Legs 60 gp
Crown Shield.png Crown Shield 109 gp
Dagger.png Dagger 1 gp
Dark Armor.png Dark Armor 130 gp
Dark Helmet.png Dark Helmet 40 gp
Dark Shield.png Dark Shield 60 gp
Demon Armor.png Demon Armor 195 gp
Demon Helmet.png Demon Helmet 95 gp
Demon Legs.png Demon Legs 84 gp
Demon Shield.png Demon Shield 130 gp
Devil Helmet.png Devil Helmet 80 gp
Double Axe.png Double Axe 70 gp
Doublet.png Doublet 1 gp
Dragon Lance.png Dragon Lance 90 gp
Dragon Scale Legs.png Dragon Scale Legs 180 gp
Dragon Scale Mail.png Dragon Scale Mail 280 gp
Dragon Shield.png Dragon Shield 115 gp
Dwarven Shield.png Dwarven Shield 55 gp
Fire Axe.gif Fire Axe 280 gp
Fire Sword.gif Fire Sword 335 gp
Giant Sword.png Giant Sword 100 gp
Golden Armor.png Golden Armor 580 gp
Golden Legs.png Golden Legs 120 gp
Golden Sickle.png Golden Sickle 10 gp
Great Axe.png Great Axe 300 gp
Guardian Halberd.png Guardian Halberd 120 gp
Guardian Shield.png Guardian Shield 150 gp
Halberd.png Halberd 50 gp
Hand Axe.png Hand Axe 5 gp
Hatchet.png Hatchet 7 gp
Horned Helmet.png Horned Helmet 155 gp
Ice Rapier.png Ice Rapier 250 gp
Iron Hammer.png Iron Hammer 9 gp
Iron Helmet.png Iron Helmet 30 gp
Katana.png Katana 8 gp
Knife.png Knife 1 gp
Knight Armor.png Knight Armor 140 gp
Knight Axe.png Knight Axe 50 gp
Knight Legs.png Knight Legs 130 gp
Leather Armor.png Leather Armor 2 gp
Leather Helmet.png Leather Helmet 1 gp
Legion Helmet.png Legion Helmet 8 gp
Longsword.png Longsword 8 gp
Mace.png Mace 8 gp
Machete.png Machete 6 gp
Magic Plate Armor.png Magic Plate Armor 720 gp
Magic Sword.png Magic Sword 350 gp
Mastermind Shield.png Mastermind Shield 550 gp
Morning Star.png Morning Star 50 gp
Naginata.png Naginata 80 gp
Noble Armor.png Noble Armor 140 gp
Obsidian Lance.png Obsidian Lance 50 gp
Orcish Axe.png Orcish Axe 12 gp
Plate Armor.png Plate Armor 110 gp
Plate Shield.png Plate Shield 25 gp
Poison Dagger.png Poison Dagger 5 gp
Rapier.png Rapier 5 gp
Sabre.png Sabre 6 gp
Scale Armor.png Scale Armor 75 gp
Scimitar.png Scimitar 10 gp
Serpent Sword.png Serpent Sword 15 gp
Short Sword.png Short Sword 3 gp
Sickle.png Sickle 1 gp
Silver Dagger.png Silver Dagger 1 gp
Silver Mace.png Silver Mace 270 gp
Soldier Helmet.png Soldier Helmet 16 gp
Spear.png Spear 2 gp
Spike Sword.png Spike Sword 25 gp
Staff.png Staff 1 gp
Steel Helmet.png Steel Helmet 60 gp
Steel Shield.png Steel Shield 30 gp
Stonecutter Axe.gif Stonecutter Axe 320 gp
Strange Helmet.png Strange Helmet 55 gp
Studded Armor.png Studded Armor 18 gp
Studded Helmet.png Studded Helmet 2 gp
Studded Legs.png Studded Legs 15 gp
Studded Shield.png Studded Shield 2 gp
Sword.png Sword 7 gp
Throwing Knife.gif Throwing Knife 2 gp
Throwing Star.gif Throwing Star 2 gp
Thunder Hammer.gif Thunder Hammer 450 gp
Tower Shield.png Tower Shield 90 gp
Two Handed Sword.png Two Handed Sword 60 gp
Vampire Shield.png Vampire Shield 119 gp
Viking Helmet.png Viking Helmet 12 gp
Viking Shield.png Viking Shield 35 gp
War Hammer.png War Hammer 90 gp
Warrior Helmet.png Warrior Helmet 75 gp
Wooden Shield.png Wooden Shield 1 gp

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