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You see a Halberd (Atk:53 Def:7). 
It weighs 90.0 oz.
Weight:90.0 oz
Dropped by:Cyclops, Cyclops Warrior, Orc Berserker, Hippopotamus, Ogre Gruntz, Ogre Smasher, Restless Skeleton, Black Knight, Manticore, Chimera
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:
AbukirTamara (400 gp)
ArakBronislav (400 gp)
CironeHazlit (400 gp)
DynahallGirdan (400 gp)
EschenAndre (400 gp)
FalconTristan (400 gp)
GarrogatRisdarick (400 gp)
IcenhaalDaevi (400 gp)
LucindelDalos (400 gp)
MittenhoffGlorin (400 gp)
OsarisHorif (400 gp)
Outlaw CampP.K. (50 gp)
ThorisDietrich (400 gp), Cord (400 gp)
ViliasPeter (400 gp)
YehshaAadim (400 gp)
Note:Hardly ever used by players due to its relatively low attack and the cheap price of War Hammer. Most commonly seen in lootbags.

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