Imperial Faction

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Imperial ssoldier.png The Imperial Faction

Upon completion:

Location: All over Medivia (starts in Eschen).
Level required: 40 (level door for the Mad Mage Room Quest)
Items required:
Be prepared to face: Many different creatures, you will have to kill the following which are required for tasks:
War Wolves, Alpha Wolves, Cyclops Warriors, Imperial Soldiers, Lightbringer Knights, Royalists, Lightbringer Heroes
Legend: The Emperor and his army need new recruits after the Lightbringer War.
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Mission 1 - Joining the Ranks

Eschen - High General Geoffrey.png
  • The Emperor will send you to his loyal subject High General Geoffrey.
  • High General Geoffrey is located in the southern part of the 4th floor of the Emperor's castle in Eschen.

Maritsaian Empire High General Geoffrey.png

  • You must say 'hail general' whenever you greet him.
  • Ask him to 'join'.
Conversation with High General Geoffrey & Questlog Update
Player: hail general

High General Geoffrey: Salutations, Player! Player: join High General Geoffrey: Ah a newling. You wish to be part of the Imperial Army, newbie? Player: yes High General Geoffrey: Heh, well, it is not this easy to join us. We cannot just accept anyone, especially not with the war just ending and all the renegades and all... High General Geoffrey: We have just finished our war against the Lightbringers and we most certainly do not wish to accept spies for those that do not accept their new ruler... High General Geoffrey: Our army is split into 6 different ranks: private, soldier, sergeant, commander, royalist and the general... High General Geoffrey: We have received a lot of new applications recently so I was thinking of adding a temporary 7th rank. Something like a scout... High General Geoffrey: It would just be the rank of the newbies until we can trust them. They would have to do some unimportant things, to show their loyalty towards the Empire of Maritsaia and city of Eschen... High General Geoffrey: I know. You will give the 7th rank a trial. We will see how it goes with you and if you prove yourself worthy I will propose it to the emperor myself... High General Geoffrey: So I suppose I hereby unofficially welcome you in the Imperial Army, Player! Let's see... What could you do for me right now... High General Geoffrey: Oh, I know. Go and bake some bread and bring it to the prisoner. We cannot really let that fool die of hunger down in his cell.

High General Geoffrey allowed you to unofficially join the Imperial army. You are testing the new trial rank of a scout. His first request for you is to bake some bread and give it to the prisoner in Eschen.

  • He will tell you to go and bring some Bread to Santin in the cells in the southern part of Eschen (here Map.png).
    • You can buy bread from Padric in his bakery in Eschen (here Map.png). He is located close to Eschen's southern gate.
  • Say 'bread' to Santin.
Conversation with Santin & Questlog Update
Player: hi

Santin: Welcome to my little kingdom, Player. Player: bread Santin: Time for lunch? Player: yes Santin: Wow, bread again...what a time to be alive.

You fed the prisoner for High General Geoffrey.

Conversation with High General Geoffrey & Questlog Update
Player: hail general

High General Geoffrey: Salutations, Player! Player: mission High General Geoffrey: That went fast. Now, how about you bring back the sword I lent to Dave. I gave it to him days ago to understand how a newly sharpened blade should look like. Hopefully it did him any good. His own blade is as blunt as a club.

High General Geoffrey asked you to bring back the sword he lent to the guard Dave.

Mission 2 - General's Broad Sword

Broad Sword.png



  • Dave is located on the second floor of Eschen's south gate (red circle). When you get to him, ask him about the 'sword' or 'mission' and he will tell you that he lost it in a fight during a minotaur raid on a drunken night.
Conversation with Dave, the guard & Questlog Update
Player: hi

Dave, the guard: LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR! Player: sword Dave, the guard: The general wants his sword back?! Damn it! Newling, I need your help... Dave, the guard: I might only be a guard but I am still your superior and I order you to not tell anyone what I give you to do! ... Dave, the guard: I have lost the generals sword yesterday. Minotaurs of Minoras raided our city wall during the night. They weren't with many but I was kind of drunk... Dave, the guard: Oh please, stop judging me with your eyes! What else am I supposed to do all day! Anyways, I accidently grabbed the general's sword instead of mine to fight them off... Dave, the guard: I sliced them up real nice but the last minotaur noticed how sharp the blade was and instead of fighting me he tossed me some dirt into the face... Dave, the guard: By the time I could see again he held the sword in his hand, standing next to the water surrounding the wall... Dave, the guard: I loaded my crossbow and shot the bolt right into his ugly face but with his last breath he tossed the sword into the water where it sunk to the ground... Dave, the guard: There is no way to reach it. The water is way too deep. We must replace it somehow! I know that the towns blacksmith Andre crafted the sword... Dave, the guard: Meet with him and ask him for a replacement. Do whatever it takes to get a duplicate. You do not want to return to the general without a sword in your hands, nor do I want you to!

Dave told you the story of how he lost the General's sword and asked you to create a perfect replacement so General Geoffrey won't notice he lost his sword. He mentioned that the towns blacksmith Andre might be able to help.

  • Head to Andre in Eschen (yellow circle, south of the temple) to get a replacement sword. Ask him about a 'replacement', he will tell you he needs the following items in order to forge a new sword for the general: 7 Pieces of Iron, Some Wood, 2 Copper Bars, and a Bucket.
Conversation with Andre & Questlog Update
Player: hi

Andre: Haa, another customer. Welcome! Player: replacement Andre: So, Dave managed to lose the general's sword. What a fool! And now he's sending the new guy around town to replace his mistake... Andre: Well, he is right though. It might not have been your mistake but the general still expects you to return with a proper sword... Andre: I will help you out since you are new and all but I will not do all the work. You will have to bring me everything I need and you will have to help me in return... Andre: For a regular sword I need 4 or 5 pieces of iron but the general's sword was a broad sword for which I will need atleast 7 pieces of iron... Andre: Furthermore, I need you to bring me some wood for a fire to melt the iron pieces. Other than that I will need 2 copper bars. You can either buy them from other people or you get your hands on some copper ore and melt them yourself at the great forge in Mittenhoff... Andre: Our usual picks are not strong enough to gather ores but I heard the dwarven blacksmith sells advanced picks. Then I can craft a new sword for the general. But in return I have to ask you to bring me a new bucket... Andre: My old one broke recently and is leaking water all over the place whenever I cool melted weapons. Return once you have everything and I will see what I can do to replicate the sword. Oh, and you might want to hurry, the general does not really appreciate waiting.

You talked to the blacksmith Andre about the replacement for the General's sword and he is kind enough to craft you a new one. He asked you to bring him all the materials for the broadsword. He needs 7 pieces of iron, 2 copper bars, some wood as well as a new bucket.

  • Once you have collected all the items, return to Andre to forge the replacement sword.
Conversation with Andre & Questlog Update
Player: hi

Andre: Haa, another customer. Welcome! Player: replacement Andre: Do you have everything with you? Player: yes Andre: Here you go! This is the best I can do to replicate the weapon. And don't you dare mention to the general I helped you with this incase he sees through it!

You brought Andre the materials for a new broadsword and he crafted it for you.

Conversation with High General Geoffrey & Questlog Update
Player: hail general

High General Geoffrey: Salutations, Player! Player: mission High General Geoffrey: What took you so long? Do you have my sword? Player: yes High General Geoffrey: What the...this is even sharper than before. I guess Dave really took my words to heart and learned to treat his weapons better.

You brought the replaced broadsword to the General without him noticing it.

Mission 3


Mission 3 a) - Advertising

  • Go to Asia in the temple, and ask for a 'mission'. Listen to what she has to say and then head to Cyril who is located in the west of Eschen just north of the boat. Say 'mission' to him as well.
  • Cyril will send you to the [Emperor Arsene]] in the castle. Ask him for a 'mission' and then return to Cyril and say 'mission' again. He sends you back to Asia.
  • Go to Asia again and say 'mission', she'll send you to Benedict in the depot. Say 'mission' to him.
  • Finally head back to Asia and say 'mission' one last time to finish this part.

Mission 3 b) - The Scarab Mystery

  • Go to Xanthus the Sorcerer in the magic shop of Eschen. Ask him for a 'mission'. He'll ask you to bring him a Scarab Amulet. You will have to either kill Ancient Scarabs to obtain this or buy it from a player.
  • Return to him once you have it and say 'mission' to hand it over and finish this part.

Mission 3 c) - The Forgetful Jester

  • Go to Jared, the Emperor's Jester, found on the top floor of Eschen castle. Ask him for a 'mission' and he'll ask you to bring him an Inkwell and 5 Blank Paper. Inkwells can be found as a daily spawn in many buildings. Pieces of Paper can be bought from Kevin the postman. The pieces of paper cost 5 gold coins each, however, you will need a high rank in the Postman guild (rank unknown) to be able to buy them.
  • Once you have obtained the items return to Jared and say 'mission' and 'yes' to hand over the items.

Mission 3 d) - Spiderplague

  • Go to Renard in the south-east part of Eschen. Ask him for a 'mission' and agree to help. You'll be asked to clear a nearby blocked well of Spiders (to the west).
  • After killing the spiders you can go back to Renard.

Mission 4 - Ancient Runes

Ancient rune 1.png Ancient rune 2.png Ancient rune 3.png Ancient rune 4.png
  • Once you have completed the requests of all 4 of the citizens, return to High General Geoffrey and ask him for a 'mission'. Travel to the ancient temple east of the city here Map.png and go downstairs.

  • This one is in a rock in a room with a dragon.


  • Go back down and follow the path as shown to the next found in a bed as shown.


  • Go back down again and follow the path as shown to the next one.

  • The last rune is found past the Mad Mage Room Quest, you can find your way there on the quest page, it shows where to find the rune at the end as well.

  • After collecting all 4 runes return to High General Geoffrey and say 'runes'. He'll ask you to give them to Ebarin.
  • Go to Ebarin and say 'mission' and turn over the runes.

Mission 5 - Zundram

  • Speak to High General Geoffrey again and he will tell you to find and kill Zundram. He can be found in a room behind a quest door under Mount Baltimar here Map.png.
    • Zundram is comparable to a stronger Necromancer, mages and druids should use Magic Shield to avoid taking damage from the revenants. You can also just run out of the door if you are in danger of dying. Just shoot him down as quickly as possible.

  • Once you have killed him return to High General Geoffrey and turn in your 'mission', you will receive 300,000 Experience as a reward.
  • He will now tell you to ask him about a 'promotion'. At this point, he will tell you a story and welcome you to the army, he will give you an Imperial Soldier Shield.
  • He then suggests you consider seeking out the other factions (Elf, Dwarf, Minotaur, Orc, Osaris). He basically explains that you can join any faction without shutting yourself off from the Imperial Faction.

  • NOTE: Once you've completed this mission you are able to start the Lightbringer Faction.
  • NOTE: You will now also be able to use the ferry at the lighthouse south-west of Eschen to sail to and back from Dynahall and Vilias.

Mission 6 - War Wolves

War Wolf.gif
  • Talk to High General Geoffrey about another 'mission'. He asks you to kill 400 War Wolves.
  • The best spot to do this is the War Wolf cave east of Eschen (here Map.png).
  • Once done return to him and turn in your 'mission', you'll receive 150,000 Experience as a reward.

Mission 7

  • Ask High General Geoffrey for a 'mission' and he'll tell you he is too busy to give you any now and to seek out other citizens who need help

Mission 7 a) - Lost Package

  • Go to Fornir near the east exit of Eschen (here Map.png? and ask for a 'mission'. He will ask you to find a missing package lost on the path between Eschen and Arak.
    • WARNING: The package weighs 450 oz so make sure you have enough cap.
  • You can find the package in a crate here Map.png
  • Once you have retrieved it and given it to Fornir you will be given 20 Platinum Coins as a reward.

Mission 7 b) - Learning a Craft

Elven Bow.png
  • Go to Frank in the Eschen Scout guild (here Map.png). Ask for a 'mission' and he'll ask you to bring him an Elven Bow.
  • You will either need to buy this from a player or loot one from an Elf Scout, however, it is a very rare drop.
  • Once you have the bow give it to Frank and he will give you 100 Burst Arrows as a reward.

Mission 7 c) - Powerful Tool

Advanced Pick.png
  • Go to Grant in Eschen (here Map.png). Ask him for a 'mission' and he'll ask you to bring him an Advanced Pick.
  • You can buy it from any equipment shop for 400 gold.
  • Once you have the pickaxe, return to Grant and hand it over, you will be rewarded with 25 Platinum Coins.

Mission 8 - Alpha Wolves

Alpha Wolf.gif
  • Return to High General Geoffrey and ask for a 'mission' once again. You will now be tasked with killing 50 Alpha Wolves.
  • Alpha wolves are not a regularly spawning creature, instead a player gets "ambushed" by an alpha wolf upon entering their spawn zone at one of the 7 spots they are found in Medivia. This can only happen once per hour, only 1 player can be ambushed in a spawn zone at one time and the player who spawned it will get the task point if it dies, so another player cannot steal them from you. Alpha wolves automatically despawn after 5 minutes or if the player moves 50 tiles away from it or changes floors.
  • Spawn zones:

  • Return to High General Geoffrey once you have killed them and speak about your 'mission' to receive '100,000 Experience' as a reward.

Mission 9 - Bear Claw

Bear Claw.png
  • Ask High General Geoffrey for a 'mission' and he will ask you to retrieve a claw from a dragon lair near Eschen.
  • You can find the way to the lair on the Naginata Quest page. You only need to go to the main area. The claw itself is located in a rock as shown.

  • Claw.png

  • Once acquired, hand over the claw to High General Geoffrey and speak to him about a 'promotion'.
  • You will now be promoted to the rank of 'Soldier' and be given an Imperial Soldier Armor. You will also now be able to use the Imperial Soldier Outfit.

Mission 10 - Cyclops Warriors

Cyclops Warrior.gif

Video showing where you can do this task: [ ]

  • After receiving your promotion you can ask High General Geoffrey for another 'mission' and he'll give you your first mission as a soldier of the Imperial Army.
  • You will be tasked with slaying 400 Cyclops Warriors.
  • Once completed speak to High General Geoffrey and you will receive '300,000 Experience' as a reward.

Mission 11

  • Speak with High General Geoffrey and he will tell you to go and help some citizens with their problems once again.
  • As with missions 3 and 7, each of the citizens will give you their own little mission to complete and you can have all 3 active at once.
    • NOTE: You may need to ask 'permission' for access for missions 11 a) and 11 b) separately.

Mission 11 a) - Doing it for Love

  • Speak with Wendy at the farm south of Eschen (here Map.png) to start this 'mission'. She will ask you to retrieve a special vial from one of the Imperial camps and deliver it to Serena in order for her to make a potion.
  • You will have to go back to General Geoffrey to get 'permission' to enter the Imperial Camp.
    • NOTE: You may need to ask permission for access for missions 11A a) and 11 b) separately.
  • Go to the Imperial Camp under Mount Baltimar as shown starting by going underground (here Map.png). You will face some Imperial Soldiers and a Royalist in the last room where the vial is found in a bookshelf.


Mission 11 b) - Getting fancy-drunk

  • Speak with Farrem in Dynahall (here Map.png) to start this 'mission'. He will ask you to recover a bottle of wine from a member of his family who happens to be a Lightbringer.
  • You will need to ask General Geoffrey for 'permission' to enter the Lightbringer Camp as well.
  • NOTE: You may need to ask permission for camp access for mission 11A and 11B separately.
  • Go to the Lightbringer Camp near Garrogat, follow the path heading south-east from the hero spawn here Map.png.
  • Be ready to face a lot of Lightbringer Knights and 2 Lightbringer Heroes.
  • Once you enter the camp, follow the path as shown in [ this video ] to reach the lightbringer body which holds the bottle.
  • Imperial Faction 11b 0.pngImperial Faction 11b 1.png
  • Return to Farrem with the bottle and you will be rewarded with 1 Crystal Coin upon completion.

Mission 11 c) - Bearphobia

  • Speak with Peter in Vilias (here Map.png) to start this 'mission'.
  • He will ask you to acquire a bear trap and tells you to get one from Sergeant Gorm in Arak.
  • Speak with him about the 'bear trap' and he'll tell you that a rabbit stole his lunch. He needs you to get it for him.

  • Right-click the plants in the red-marked areas as shown on the images below. In the first spot you'll find a 'juicy piece of ham', return to Sergeant Gorm and he will tell you that this is not his lunch. Now go to the second spot and you'll find some 'delicious meat', that being the correct one, return to Gorm and finish the mission.

  • First spot (here Map.png):


  • Second spot (here Map.png):


  • Sergeant Gorm will reward you with a honey-covered bear trap.
  • Now return to Peter in Vilias and finish this 'mission'.

Mission 12 - Race Tomes

Human Tome.png Orcish Tome.png Minotaur Tome.png Elven Tome.png Dwarven Tome.png
  • Ask High General Geoffrey about the next 'mission/promotion/advancement', he will send you to Emperor Arsene.
  • The emperor will order you to bring him the 5 tomes containing information on each race:

Human Tome.png Human Tome, looted from Monk Monks
Orcish Tome.png Orcish Tome, looted from Orc Shaman.gif Orc Shamans
Minotaur Tome.png Minotaur Tome, looted from Minotaur Mage.gif Minotaur Mage
Elven Tome.png Elf Tome, looted from Elf Arcanist.png Elf Arcanist
Dwarven Tome.png Dwarven Tome, looted from Dwarfgeomancer.gif Dwarf Geomancer and Dwarf Renegade.gif Dwarf Renegade.

  • Collect the books and hand them in to the emperor.

Mission 13 - Killing John

Imperial ssoldier.png
  • Ask Emperor Arsene about a 'mission'/'promotion'.
  • He will send you to challenge John, an imperial soldier. He is located at the Imperial Castle far south of Eschen (here Map.png).
  • Once there, follow the path as shown below. You will need to levitate up 3 times, and then follow the path to John's room, he is similar in strength to a regular imperial soldier so just kill him quickly.


  • Go back and report the 'mission' to Emperor Arsene. You will be rewarded with 400,000 Experience and Imperial Soldier Legs upon completion.

Mission 14 - Proof of Betrayal

  • Ask the emperor about an 'advancement' and then about a new 'mission'. He will ask you to find proof of the royalists' betrayal.
  • Go to the Imperial Castle (here Map.png) far south of Eschen once again.
  • Follow the path as shown below, take care as you will face a bunch of Imperial Soldiers and possibly a Royalist before you reach the next step.


  • There will be 4-5 soldiers in this room which you can either kill or close off with the doors as you go into the middle.
    • WARNING: You will face several soldiers and a Royalist once you go down so take care!


  • The first part of this area contains a few soldiers and a royalist which you will need to kill.
  • The north part contains 2 royalists and some soldiers, you can use the doors as shown below to kill the royalists 1 by 1.
  • Finally proceed north and use the chest to complete your objective.


Mission 15 - Imperial Soldiers

Imperial ssoldier.png

Video showing how and where you can do this task: [ ]

  • After confirming the betrayal, Emperor Arsene will ask you to hunt down 1200 Imperial Soldiers.
  • The best place is probably the Mount Baltimar Imperial Camp.
  • Upon completion, you will be rewarded with 900,000 Experience and 2 Crystal Coins.

Mission 16 - Lightbringer Knights

Lightbringer Knight Creature.gif

Video of this task in Minoras Lightbringer Camp: [ ] Video of this task in Garrogat Lightbringer Camp: [ ]

  • Emperor Arsene will send you to slay 900 Lightbringer Knights.
  • The best place is probably the Garrogat Lightbringer Camp.
  • The reward is 1,800,000 Experience and 3 Crystal Coins.

Mission 17 - Royalists

  • Your next task from the emperor will be killing 1000 Royalists.
  • These are difficult to run due to their high speed and summoning imperial soldiers. The quickest way to do the task would be to duo them in the Imperial Castle south of Eschen since it contains the most royalists.
  • Archers could also do it solo in the Imperial Camp under Mount Baltimar. It only contains 5-6 royalists but you can stand in the door to block them getting to you and shoot them down with Headhunter Spears and runes.
  • The reward is 1,000,000 Experience and 5 Crystal Coins.

Mission 18 - Lightbringer Heroes

Lightbringer Hero.gif
  • After proving your strength on the royalist task, the emperor will send you to murder 250 Lightbringer Heroes.
  • Keep in mind these are very powerful creatures, it's recommended to have a blocker of around level 250 to be comfortable and SDing them down quickly (200 and lower is doable but risky and wasteful, especially without a healer).
  • The reward for completing this mission is 2,200,000 Experience and 5 Crystal Coins.

Mission 19 - Peace Agreement

White Parchment.png White Parchment.png White Parchment.png
  • Once you have murdered the criminals you will be asked by the emperor to gain the trust of every race and obtain each of their royal rings.

Once you have the five rings:
Royal Elf Ring
Royal Minotaur Ring
Royal Nomad Ring
Royal Orc Ring
Royal Dwarf Ring
Give them to the Emperor. Having obtained the trust of each of the 5 minor Factions, he asks you to get every leader to sign a peace agreement.

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