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Elf Guardian.gif Elf Faction

Upon completion:

Location: Lucindel
Level required: 0
Items required: 25 Fire Mushrooms, 40 Headhunter Spears, Elephant Shield, Dwarven Axe
Be prepared to face: Dwarf Guard, Dwarf Slayer, Dwarf Dragoneater, Giant Spider, Dragon, Dragon Lord and Hadrian the Crusher.
Legend: Can you help the elves and become the right hand of their leader?
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  • In order to join the Elf Faction you should talk to King Rana de Tholos in Lucindel. He is located in his palace inside the mountain in the northern part of the city. Ask him to "join".
  • The king will send you on a mission to prove that you are trustworthy. The mission is to obtain an Elephant Shield and a Dwarven Axe from the Dwarven Maze in the underground south of Arak. You will find the items in dead bodies near a Giant Spider. Check the Elephant Shield Quest guide for the path.


  • After having turned in the items to King Rana de Tholos, he will welcome you into the ranks of the elves and will reward you with the Elf Outfit. Ask for mission two times if you did not receive your outfit. (Premium required to wear).
    He doesn't have any more missions for you at the moment and asks you to enjoy the city and meet its citizens. Maybe one of them has something for you to do.

Mission 2

  • You must complete all three tasks (in any order) to proceed further.

Mission 2 a) - First Contact

  • General Olanis de Aldaval, the elven army commander is in his chamber just one floor below the king and was informed about you by King Rana de Tholos. He has a mission for you. He claims elves are being slain every day and he thinks the dwarves are the ones behind it. Apparently, the best way of finding that out is to kill 1000 Dwarf Guard to see if the attacks on his men decrease. Return to Olanis once you have killed 1000 dwarf guards.
    • You'll receive 200.000 Experience Points.

Mission 2 b) - Mage's Experiment

  • You'll need to deliver 25 Fire Mushrooms to Gloringwe north of Lucindel in the mountains, to aid in her experiments. You can obtain the mushrooms from Farming. You will be rewarded with an Elven Amulet and the mission is complete.

Mission 2 c) - How to spear

Mission 3

  • Return to King Rana de Tholos and ask for another mission. He will now send you to Graugatraz (Mittenhoff Prison) where a dwarven geomancer spy named Berebon lives.

Mittenhoff Prision.png

  • You will need to get a key to access the prison through the Emperor's Cookies Quest.
  • Berebon is located at the main, open floor of the prison where different creatures are imprisoned (here). Go there and ask the spy about the 'mission'. Berebon will ask you to return to King Rana de Tholos.
Mission 3/Transcripts
King Rana de Tholos: I greet thee, outsider.
Player: mission
King Rana de Tholos: I have heard many positive things about you by now, Player. Irea, Edala and Elathriel have told me about the help you offered them...
King Rana de Tholos: It seems like you are far less of an human and far more of an elf than your appearance shows...
King Rana de Tholos: Consider yourself a full member of our society now! You may now use our raft system which brings you to Mylvalone and back. By the way, there is a thing I could use your help with now...
King Rana de Tholos: Elathriel told me about the attacks on our men and your actions against the dwarfs. I do not like the way Elathriel used you as a war assassin but it seems like his hunch was right...
King Rana de Tholos: Ever since you started your attacks on the dwarfs we have noticed a few less attacks on our side. It might be a coincidence so we need to find proof...
King Rana de Tholos: We used to have a spy within the dwarf faction but we have not heard from him in a long time. We can only assume that he was caught...
King Rana de Tholos: Try to find him in their prison and ask him if he knows anything about the attacks. We can trust him.

Mission 4 - Dwarf Slayers

Mission 4/Transcripts
Player: Hii
King Rana de Tholos: I greet thee, outsider.
Player: mission
King Rana de Tholos: So, you found Belbin...hm...very interesting indeed...
King Rana de Tholos: It seems like we will not find any perfect proof for the attacks on our men but we have to start acting and I have heard enough - the dwarfs must be the ones guilty...
King Rana de Tholos: Regarding the other information Belbin gave in regards of the outlaws, I think he might be right. The biggest strength the dwarfs have is their gold...
King Rana de Tholos: With it they can pretty much bribe everyone to join their side and hire mercenaries, such as the outlaws...
King Rana de Tholos: I will need you to hunt the dwarfs yourself. In the meantime I will sent archers to the outlaw camp trying to find more information about this Hadrian the Crusher...
King Rana de Tholos: For now you should focus on hunting down the dwarf slayers. They are a key component of the dwarven army. Are you willing to do this for us, Player?
Player: yes
King Rana de Tholos: Return as soon as you have hunted down 700 of those berserkers. By then I should have news regarding Hadrian the Crusher.

Mission 5

Mission 5 a) - Hadrian the Crusher

Mission 5 b) - The Prisoner

  • General Olanis de Aldaval wants you to find a dwarf who escaped from Lucindel prison. For this mission you will need the Levitate spell or 3 Parcels. His body is located in a Poison Spider cave at the west of Lucindel (here Map.png).
  • Once you go down the hole follow the path in the image below. Once you levitate down, you will have to go east, there you will find a Huntsman Spider and several Nightcrawlers near the dwarf body, which you have to right-click. Be very careful if you go down by parcel, because they can move it and throw spiderwebs on the floor.


Mission 5/Transcripts

Mission 6

Mission 6/Transcripts

Mission 7 - The Magic Trees

  • King Rana de Tholos will offer you the position of his "right hand". However, this means you must finish the ancient elvish pilgrimage first. You will have to find 10 magic trees scattered all around Medivia:

All the magic trees: Video

1.) All the way North of Mittenhoff Surface Mines. here Map.png.
2.) Vindia Village here Map.png.
3.) In Mylvalone, east of the tower here Map.png.
4.) South of Orc Fortess here Map.png.
5.) Southwest of Garrogat Dragon Lair here Map.png.
6.) Under Mejborn, in a pick hole here Map.png.
7.) Under Outlaw Camp - two Giant Spiders on the way here Map.png.
8.) Inside the Desert Dungeon here Map.png (to exit the Desert Dungeon enter the teleport on the way to the Desert Dungeon Quest).
9.) In the Maze of Lost Souls - guarded by a Dragon Lord here Map.png.
10.) On the south-easter part of Cirone here Map.png.

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