Osaris Faction

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Slave Guard.gif Osaris Faction
  • A total of 1,360,000 Experience;
  • Access to Shakir.

Upon completion:

Location: Osaris, Yehsha, Shakir
Level required: 0
Items required: 50 Fireball runes, 5 Scarab Coins, 1 Crystal Coin and a Yellow Gem
Be prepared to face: Larva, Scarab, Slave Hunter, Slave Guard, Shakirian Prayer, Honou
Legend: Caliph Khanrad of Osaris needs your help.
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  • Speak with Caliph Khanrad (here Map.png) to 'join' the faction and say 'yes' to confirm. He will tell you that Halfadir in the temple could use your help with something.
  • Talk with Halfadir, ask him for a 'mission' and he will ask you to retrieve a ring that Sabri in the Yehsha temple had borrowed from him (you can get to the temple via a raft north of the little island on which the temple sits).
  • Sabri will let you know that he lost the ring but if you could kill 1000 Larvae it should be alright because that's why he had borrowed the ring to begin with.
  • After killing 1000 speak with him again to receive a reward of 100,000 Experience.
  • Now go back to Halfadir, who will send you back to Caliph Khanrad.

Mission 2 - Fireballs

Encurso ignis.png

Mission 3 - Scarab Task

  • Speak to Caliph Khanrad and he will ask you to kill 500 Scarabs.
  • Once done return to him to complete the mission and receive a reward of 100,000 Experience.

Mission 4 - Peace Agreement

Parchment (Poetry).gif


  • Ask Caliph Khanrad for another 'mission' and he'll send you to Pharaoh Anhamtap in Yehsha.
  • Speak to the Pharaoh and say 'mission', he'll send you back to Caliph Khanrad.
  • Say 'help' to the Caliph. Caliph Khanrad will tell you to seek out an outlaw to make peace.
  • Head to Shaish located all the way east of Osaris here Map.png and speak to him about a 'peace agreement'.
  • Shaish will tell you that there will be no peace and that didn't even know there was a war going on. All he's interested in is money and treasures. If you bring him 5 scarab coins, 1 crystal coin and a yellow gem he will take you to Shakir on his raft.
  • Say 'deal' and hand over 5 Scarab Coins, 1 Yellow Gem and 1 Crystal Coin and Shaish will ask you not to tell anyone of your deal.

  • Shaish will now take you to Shakir whenever you ask, free of charge.

Mission 5 - Slave Hunters

Slave Hunter.gif
  • Return to Caliph Khanrad and ask for a 'mission'.
  • Now that you can access Shakir, he will give you a task to kill 750 Slave Hunters for which you will be rewarded with 135,000 Experience.

Mission 6 - Slave Guards

Slave Guard.gif
  • This time Caliph Khanrad will ask you to keep pressuring the outlaws by hunting down 500 Slave Guards. You will be rewarded with 200,000 Experience.

Mission 7 - Negotiations

Shakirian Prayer.gif

Video of this mission: [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3AQYpiVf-s ]

  • Your work has been making a difference. The outlaws have no longer been able to make any attacks and Caliph Khanrad will ask you to find the outlaw leader Honou and negotiate peace so that no more blood is spilled.
    • BE CAREFUL WHEN SAYING "HI" TO HONOU. He will summon 3 Slave guards, 2 Shakirian Prayers and 3 Slave hunters when you do.
  • Honou is however not very interested in peace. He claims he's winning anyway because others serve false gods. At the end of Honous dialogue he will summon another 4 Slave Guards.
    • WARNING: Do NOT say hi to Honou for a third time, he will summon even more powerful guards and hit you 10x250 with energy and it is unnecessary!!!
  • Tell Caliph Khanrad there shall be no peace.

Mission 8 - Shakirian Prayers

Shakirian Prayer.gif

Video on how you can do this task: [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtxkZwIDed4 ]

  • Caliph Khanrad will decide on making one final attack on the outlaws and this time the target will be those that brainwash Honou's men. The prayers. Kill 250 Shakirian Prayers.
  • Return once you have and you will be rewarded with 225,000 Experience.

Mission 9 - Slaying Honou

Shakirian Prayer.gif

Video on how killing Honou looks: [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MdfTEjMApk ]

  • Caliph Khanrad wants you to find and kill Honou.
  • You can access Honou on the lowest floor of the Shakirian Tomb, in the big room to the south.
    You can enter using a lever, and you can bring a friend which is recommended for this one as he's quite difficult.
  • For killing him you will get 600,000 Experience and a Royal Nomad Ring (required to complete the Imperial Faction).

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