Orc Faction

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Orc Warlord.gif Orc Faction
  • A total of 650,000 experience.

Upon completion:

Location: Orc Fortress, Coldridge and all over Medivia
Level required: 0
Items required:
Be prepared to face: All kinds of Orcs, Elves, Elf Guardians, Elf Sharpshooters, Elf Swordmasters, Corrupted Watchers
Legend: Help the Orc King in setting up a camp on Coldridge
32px-Important Icon.png This article may contain quest spoiling information!
  • Go to the Orc King in the Orc Fortress south east of Arakand tell him you want to "join" his faction.
  • WARNING: The first time you talk to him, he summmons lots of Orc Berserkers, Orc Leaders and a few Orc Warlords!
  • The Orc King will claim that he has no use for a weak human like you, but you making it to his throne room impressed him. He will put you to the test against 4 of his strongest orcs. Ask the king for an "opponent" and he will summon them for you to fight one at a time:
    • Your first opponent will be Rekrosh. He looks like an Orc and is very easily dealt with.
    • Your second opponent will be Snonndar, the strongest Orc Shaman. He is stronger than an ordinary Orc Shaman and will summon cobras instead of snakes.
    • Your third opponent will be Kroxas. He is as fast as an Orc Berserker and hits twice each round so be very careful.
    • Your last opponent is Bashmor, a stronger Orc Warlord who hits quickly and very hard. He has around 2000 health so be very careful.
  • After successfully defeating all of his orcs, ask him again about an 'opponent' you'll be allowed to join the ranks of the orcs.

Mission 2

  • Ask the Orc King for a new "mission".
  • He will tell you that he cannot assure that his orcs won't harm you when you come back for missions. He suggests you talk with Krusnot, who lives in the Orc Castle on Coldridge (here Map.png).
  • You can get to Krusnot either through the underground of the orc camp or by opening the gate to the fortress by using a lever that is located in the orc camp. More information about how to open the gate can be found here. After the gate is open, you can get to him as shown in this video here.
  • When you meet Krusnot, you should greet him with 'charach' and then ask him for a 'mission'. Tell him that the 'King' sent you.
  • He will tell you he doesn't trust you, so tell him the king's password: 'Krullwrolz Brakos Kru'.
  • He will ask you to speak with the elves' bow manufacturer, Eldril al Valandril (here)
  • Ask him about 'flame arrows'.
  • He'll tell you he doesn't know anything about such arrows and that it is impossible even for an elf to aim with such an arrow.
  • Come back to Krusnot and tell him about it.

Mission 3 - Elf Task

  • Ask Krusnot in Coldridge about a new 'mission'.
  • He will tell you he still doesn't trust the elves and will ask you to hunt down 1000 Elves.
  • Mylvalone is the best place for this task.
  • Once you have killed them, return to Krusnot and you will be rewarded with 125,000 Experience.

Mission 4 - Elf Guardians

  • NOTE: It is advisable to take the 500 Elf Arcanists task at this point. You will get a Frozen Starlight as a reward, which is required to complete Mission 7. Since there are some Elf Arcanists at the Lucindel Elf Spawn and Mylvalone, you should be able to finish this task during missions 5 and 6.
  • Ask Krusnot for another 'mission'.
  • He will say that killing the elves proved your worth, but their ships are still not ready to sail and you need to buy them time by killing 750 Elf Guardians.
  • Once you have killed them, return to Krusnot and you will be awarded with 200,000 Experience.

Mission 5 - Elf Sharpshooters

  • Ask Krusnot for another 'mission'.
  • He will send you back to the orc king who will ask you to kill 500 Elf Sharpshooters
    • The towers around Mylvalone are good for this task.
  • Once you have killed them, return to the orc king and you will be awarded 175,000 Experience.

Mission 6 - Blue Flame and Elf Swordmasters

  • Ask Krusnot for another 'mission'.
  • Krusnot will tell you a story about a man he met long ago in the southern lands that knew how to make a blue flame that would teleport you around instantly. He wants you to search for this man and find out how to make these blue flames.
  • Travel to Abukir and talk to Donnar east of the depot about the 'Flame'. He will tell you the ingredients you need: 10 Mystic Turbans, 5 Aquamarines, 5 Talons, 1 Strange Talisman, 1 Frozen Starlight and 1 Torch.

  • Go back to Krusnot and tell him what you found out and he will ask you to bring him the ingredients.
  • After you give him everything, he will put his shamans to work on the flame and tell you to hunt 250 Elf Swordmasters in the meantime.
    • The towers around Mylvalone are good for this task.
  • Once you have killed them, return to Krusnot and you will be awarded 150,000 Experience.

Mission 7 - Mystic Flame Test

  • Now that you have finished your tasks, Krusnot will tell you his shamans finished the magic flame and he needs you to test if it is working properly.
  • Go east of the entrance of the fortress in Coldridge into the mountain and downstairs you'll find a restriction door with some shamans behind it. Go into the flame at the end of the room.
    • WARNING Bring lots of runes (GFBs, UHs, etc) because once you get inside this portal you can't go back and will have to fight a lot of monsters on the way out!
  • Video showing how to do this mission: [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiQKq7smJDM ]
  • You will find yourself in the caves under the Orc Fortress and will need to fight you way back to the surface through lots of Corrupted Watchers.

  • Once you get through the cave and exit into the Orc Fortress, report your mission to the Orc King. He will reward you with the Royal Orc Ring and inform you that you can use the Orc Raft System to travel between Garrogat Orcs and the Orc Fortress, you will also be allowed to craft the helmet addon for the Knight Outfit if you so desire.

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