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You see a Torch
It weighs 5.0 oz.
Weight:5.0 oz
Dropped by:Skeleton, Armored Skeleton, Swamp Troll, Old Skeleton, Ghoul, Rogue, Fire Devil, Minotaur Mage, Hunter, Orc Rider, Hellish Skeleton, Armored Hellish Skeleton, Revenant, Magma Golem, Archer, Skeleton Mage
Buy from:
ArakSonya (2 gp)
CironeBadrick (2 gp)
EschenGrant (2 gp)
GarrogatFimba (2 gp)
IcenhaalDeegon (2 gp), Yorick (3 gp)
LucindelValkana (2 gp)
MittenhoffHagrin (2 gp)
NovusAl Dee (2 gp), Lee'Delle (2 gp), Scott (2 gp)
OsarisShilva (2 gp)
ThorisClara (2 gp), Elmar (2 gp)
ViliasPeter (3 gp)
YehshaAbu (2 gp)
Sell to:Players only.
Note:Provides 7 squares of yellow light for 20 minutes (lasts for 60 minute total). As the torch is used, the light gets weaker and its weight changes to 4.50 oz, 4.00 oz and then 3.50 oz, at which point it completely loses the light effect. Torches are usually used only in Novus where you don't have any other option for a light source (other than the weaker and difficult to obtain Wand of Light), but on the mainland, items like the Blue, Red, and Green Spellwand, Illumination Ring and Frozen Starlight give more substantial and more permanent light and are readily available, so the torch is obsolete.

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