Magic Shield

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Aneva vita.png Magic Shield
Incantation: Aneva Vita
Cost: 450 gp
Magic Level: 4
Mana 50
Effect: Damage taken is removed from mana instead of health. The duration of the spell is 20 minutes unless canceled by casting spell again.
Druids and mages gain a 0.2% damage reduction when using magic shield for every magic level, meaning a druid/mage with ML 80 using magic shield would lose mana equal to 84% of the health they would lose if they weren't using the spell.
This "resistance" can be further increased by using items with the Amplify Magic Shield attribute.
Note: Very often used by mages in teamhunting, especially at higher levels when facing powerful creatures, to prevent death due to their low health.
Using an Energy Ring produces the same effect as this spell for the duration of the ring's lifetime.

Casting 'Magic Shield' while the spell is already active will toggle the magic shield off.
You do not gain magic level advancement by taking mana damage when using this spell.

Learn spell from:
City Druids Mages Archers Knights
Abukir --- --- Frederic ---
Arak Franz Arbois Budimir ---
Cirone --- --- Sergeant Ramalan ---
Eschen Dragnan Eguleus Frank ---
Garrogat --- --- --- ---
Lucindel Anras Gloringwe Sylva al Valandril ---
Mittenhoff Tuggot Tuggot Rudgrok ---
Osaris Bedhin Bedhin Nafir ---
Thoris El'fandal Torben Adelheid ---
Yehsha Sabri Haffnal Nadim ---

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