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Location:Map.png Eschen
Occupation:Magic Goods Trader
Notes:Xanthus sells blank, healing, offensive and support runes.

Item: Name: Price:
Blank Rune.gif Blank Rune 10 gp
Intense Healing Rune.png Intense Healing Rune 75 gp
(1500 per BP)
Ultimate Healing Rune.png Ultimate Healing Rune 145 gp
(2900 per BP)
Light Magic Missile Rune.png Light Magic Missile Rune 35 gp
(700 per BP)
Heavy Magic Missile Rune.png Heavy Magic Missile Rune 85 gp
(1700 per BP)
Fireball Rune.png Fireball Rune 85 gp
(1700 per BP)
Great Fireball Rune.png Great Fireball Rune 195 gp
(3900 per BP)
Explosion Rune.png Explosion Rune 260 gp
(5200 per BP)
Sudden Death Rune.png Sudden Death Rune 330 gp
(6600 per BP)
Destroy Field Rune.png Destroy Field Rune 100 gp
(2000 per BP)
Fire Field Rune.png Fire Field Rune 100 gp
(2000 per BP)
Firelight Wand.png Firelight Wand 400 gp
Moonlight Wand.png Moonlight Wand 400 gp
Swamplight Wand.png Swamplight Wand 400 gp
Item: Name: Price:
This merchant does not buy anything.

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