Grim Faction

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Dark Grim.png Grim Faction
Reward: Grim Outfit Base and First Addon, Ring of Purity
Location: Starts in Thoris; all over Medivia
Level required: 0 (200+ recommended)
Be prepared to face: Fire Devil, Crystal Beetle, Grim Adept, Dark Grim, Thor'garak
Legend: Becoming a member of the Grim Faction.
32px-Important Icon.png This article may contain quest spoiling information!

Mission 1 - Grimoire

  • In order to join this faction, speak to Barkley the Beggar who can be found in Thoris (here Map.png).
  • Greet him and keep answering yes to his questions until he mentions a key he can give you for a platinum coin, then say chest and yes to receive Key 9044.
  • Once you have acquired the key, go to Thoris castle north-west of the depot (here Map.png).
  • Go to the north-east corner of the castle and turn off the light/wall torch to open stairs down into the catacombs.

Opening catacombs.png

  • Go down the stairs, then slightly south and down the first stairs to the right, then follow the light-blue path north as shown on the image below. Go down the stairs and follow the path until you reach a dead body, right-click it to receive Key 9002.
  • Now proceed along the orange path, at the end of it is a door where you need to use Key 9044 and another set od stairs. Once you go down and continue south you will face several Vampires, 2 Liches and some Bonebeasts so take care.

Thoris Catacombs -2.png

Mission 1 Transcript

First conversation with Barkley: 20:13 Player: hi 20:13 Barkley the Beggar: Hello stranger, do you want to support old beggar? I'm freezing here! 100 gold coins will be enough. 20:13 Player: yes 20:13 Barkley the Beggar: A generous nobleman! Thank you, something brings you to this desolated cold land, but what I wonder? Why exactly the slums of Thoris?... 20:14 Barkley the Beggar: Don't tell me you are looking for the greatest treasure? 20:14 Player: yes 20:14 Barkley the Beggar: Ahh! So now I sparked your curiosity, good! Can you spend me 100 more gold pieces? I will tell you about some chest. 20:14 Player: yes 20:14 Barkley the Beggar: Everyone heard about that chest! It's hidden deep below the Baron's castle. But what could be inside? How to open it? Well, perhaps this key would help. One plat and it's all yours! 20:14 Player: chest 20:14 Barkley the Beggar: So? Do you want that key? 20:14 Player: yes 20:14 Barkley the Beggar: Here you are! But beware, the catacombs are home to many violent undead creatures. Only Grims go there now.
Returning to Barkley with the grimoire: 20:18 Player: hi 20:18 Barkley the Beggar: A stranger returns once again. But something changed about you, you seem... stronger? What did you found in the chest? 20:18 Player: grimoire 20:18 Barkley the Beggar: An ancient grim book? Let me take a look... 20:18 Barkley the Beggar: Yes... yes! That's it! This is your lucky day, Fred Rolfman. If I were you I would take it to the Grim headquarters. They will pay a lot for this book!

Mission 2 - Finding the Magician

  • Go into the building south-east of Barkley the Beggar to find Jakob, say grimoire to hand in the grimoire and he will explain to you how one of their magicians isn't replying to their astral messages and that you need to find him!
  • Head to the east gate of Eschen and follow the path as shown below to get to the mountain.

Finding the magician route.png

  • When at the mountain, levitate up 3 floors and head north east to find a building on fire.

Mountain mission 2.jpg House on fire.png

  • Go upstairs, follow the blood and right-click the body.

Body near blood.png

  • Head back to Jakob and explain that the magician is dead.

Mission 2 Transcript
Telling Jakob about the grimoire:

20:18 Fred Rolfman: hi 20:19 Jakob: Yes, I listen. 20:19 Fred Rolfman: grimoire 20:19 Jakob: What!? A stranger found such an ancient artifact? But how did you... BARKLEY?! That fool again! We threw him out years ago and he still causes problems... eh... 20:19 Jakob: But this time... maybe he did something good actually. This book is sacred for our guild, and for it I shall reward you. I don't know who you are but with this you have proven yourself quite capable... 20:19 Jakob: Perhaps we could make a Grim out of you, eh? Would you want that? 20:19 Fred Rolfman: yes 20:19 Jakob: Very well! Here is your grimoire. It is a proof that you understand basics of summoning magic. Well, even if you don't know anything about it, I'm positive that you are capable to understand it rather quickly... 20:19 Jakob: There is something I need to ask of you before I will begin teaching you. Our magician doesn't reply to our astral messages, he has been absent for days now... 20:20 Jakob: His outpost is on northern side of Mittenhoff mountain, in old magical tower. Find him and bring him to me.

Mission 3 - Fire Devils

  • Speak to Jakob and say mission to report on the magician, he will then direct you to slay 500 Fire Devils.
  • The best place to do this task is probably the dual Mittenhoff Fire Devil Cave.
  • Other acceptable spots are just before the Demon spawn on the Corrupted Island or the small Forgula Fire Devils spawn.
  • Once you have killed 500 Fire Devils, return to Jakob and you will be rewarded with 110,000 Experience Points.

Mission 3 Transcript
Returning with information about the magician:

20:30 Player: hi 20:30 Jakob: Yes, I listen. 20:30 Player: mission 20:30 Jakob: Have you found him? 20:30 Player: yes 20:30 Jakob: He is dead?! What in the world is happening, and this book? What's in it... his notes... but that can't be... 20:30 Jakob: But this time... maybe he did something good actually. This book is sacred for our guild, and for it I shall reward you. I don't know who you are but with this you have proven yourself quite capable... 20:30 Jakob: The volcano active again? Fire devils... hmm. I will need to study it. For now that's all I need of you, return to me soon. Or wait!... 20:31 Jakob: I changed my mind. Slay five hundred of those filthy fire devils, a lot of them spawned recently everywhere. 20:31 Jakob: Bye.

Returning after killing 500 fire devils: 17:00 Player: hi 17:00 Jakob: Yes, I listen. 17:00 Player: mission 17:00 Jakob: Ahh, I see from the blood on your weapon that the demonic fiends aren't a threat to us anymore. Good. Speak with Ebbe, he will guide you further.

Mission 4 - Finding the Magic Stones

  • Speak to Ebbe in the tower directly west of Jakob. When speaking to Ebbe he will tell you that something has happened to the 6 magic stones of Thoris. He wants you to figure out what is going on!
  • For this mission you only have go to 1 of the 6 crystals located in the Thoris Crystal Caves and right-click the stone.
  • Locations of the 2 stones on each of the bottom floors of the 3 caves:

Grimcrystalslocations.png Grimcrystalbroken.png

  • CARE: When you use the stone it will summon 2-3 Crystal Beetles!
  • Once you have used the stone, return to Ebbe and report your mission.
  • Ebbe will now ask that you kill 600 Crystal Beetles. The best place to do this task are the Thoris Crystal Caves.
  • Once you have killed the 600 Crystal Beetles, return to Ebbe and you will be rewarded with 250,000 Experience Points.

Mission 4 Transcript
Receiving the mission to find the stones:

17:03 Player: hi 17:03 Ebbe: Greetings. I have heard of your heroic acts but we have a far greater problem. It seems the volcano woke up because of chaotic fluctuations of mana around the Snowy Hills... 17:03 Ebbe: The rivers of energy seem to encircle that place and focus directly on mountain south of Thoris, but why? This definitely is our priority now. I found something in the book, but for now it has to wait... 17:03 Ebbe: I have a feeling that something has happened to the six magic stones of Thoris. Go there and check.

Returning after finding one of the stones: 20:05 Player: hi 20:05 Ebbe: Hmm? 20:05 Player: mission 20:05 Ebbe: The magic stones are cracked?! And these crystal beetles... The crystal on their back must be made from the fragments of magic stone. The energy of it flows within them... 20:05 Ebbe: They must be destroyed to stabilize the energy. Defeat 600 of them. While you will be busy fighting, I shall find out how to repair them.

Returning after killing the 600 crystal beetles: 21:17 Player: hi 21:17 Ebbe: Hmm? 21:17 Player: mission 21:17 Ebbe: Great! Take these scrolls. I charged them with our magic, use them on the each of the 6 magic stones and return to me.

Mission 5 - Fixing the Magic Stones

  • Ebbe gives you six spell scrolls and asks you to fix each of the six magic stones by using the six scrolls on the six stones.
  • The magic stone becomes cracked again after less than a minute, but you cannot fix the same stone more than once.
  • Return to Ebbe after having fixed all six stones on the bottom floors of the Thoris Crystal Caves.

Grimcrystalslocations.png Fix crystal.png

  • After fixing the magic stones, Ebbe will promote you to a grim mage and reward you with the Grim Outfit.

Mission 5 Transcript
21:58 Player: hi

21:58 Ebbe: Hmm? 21:58 Player: mission 21:58 Ebbe: I can sense that you restored proper direction of the mana flow, Papa eh Samba. The energy became calmer now... 21:58 Ebbe: You have finished quite a task, student. No, mage. Through your actions you have showed me your potential... 21:58 Ebbe: I hereby promote you to a grim mage. You may now wear the robes similar to mine... 21:58 Ebbe: I mentioned before that I found something in the book. It was about dark entity Thor'garak. The first of the Grims... 21:58 Ebbe: He was a young magician that signed a pact with the calamitious powers of Ether, causing him to lose his soul in exchange for summoning powers... 21:58 Ebbe: He was sealed two hundred years ago by brave magicians during the Black Hour. His body was left broken and decaying, but unable to die. He rests deep below Thoris mountain... 21:59 Ebbe: The passage was sealed, yet those fools must have opened it again. I wonder by whom. They shall find only death there. The entity must be sealed again... 21:59 Ebbe: But the only way to do it is through the magicians that trapped him. Most of them became insane through the curse they obtained in process. They became vampires... 21:59 Ebbe: Only the Baron knows where they are. Tell him "Sava'ar Tharis" which for Grims means, the blood is flowing backwards. He will know who sent you.

Mission 6 - The Volcano

  • After reporting your mission, Ebbe will tell you to speak to Baron Johann Ardlich in Thoris castle to find out about some mages.
  • Use the keyword Sava'ar Tharis with the baron, and after that say mission. He will direct you to the mage Hramat, who is hiding somewhere in the southern part of Mittenhoff and is using a different name.
  • Hramat's hideout is on a mountain south-west of Arak (here Map.png).
  • The fastest way to get there is to follow the path south from Arak gate as shown below and levitate up the mountain a few times:

Hramathideoutroute1.png Hramathideoutroute2.png

  • Go upstairs in the hideout and you'll find Brigmazath, a demonic NPC. Once you say hi, he will burn you for 50 HP for 5 rounds.
  • Report back to Ebbe about your findings.


Mission 6 Transcript
Talking to the baron:

22:13 Player: hi 22:13 Baron Johann Ardlich: Hoho! Welcome, welcome. What do you need from me? 22:13 Player: Sava'ar Tharis 22:13 Baron Johann Ardlich: The Grim tongue. What brings you here? 22:13 Player: mission 22:13 Baron Johann Ardlich: I cannot believe it. The horror returns? We need to do something about this!... 22:13 Baron Johann Ardlich: If he is about to escape his prison, he will bring doom to whole continent. We need to act quickly... 22:14 Baron Johann Ardlich: As Ebbe mentioned, you probably are aware of the pact. Yes, I can see it in your eyes. All of those great wizards lost in the rivers of madness except one. Hramat... 22:14 Baron Johann Ardlich: He is hiding somewhere. But where to find him? Clearly he isn't using this name anymore. His hideout somewhere in the southern part of Mittenhoff mountain, start from that place.

Trying to talk to Brigmazath: 22:56 Player: hi 22:56 Brigmazath: Gra'thar takum faort or' tarum.

Mission 7 - The Broken Seal

  • When you report your mission to Ebbe, he will tell you he doesn't believe the demon is Hramat but only a bound creature. He will direct you to go back to Brigmazath and utter the magical phrase Aht'cra'otris to free the demon.
  • Go back to Brigmazath and say hi, Aht'cra'otris and then say bastard. He will tell you Hramat went somewhere north-west.
  • You'll need to find Hramat (He is using Tamarh as his name) in Eschen here Map.png.
  • Just say hi and mission, he will ask you to go to his new hideout here Map.png.
  • The fastest way to get there is to fly by Gryphon to the Mittenhoff station, and then proceed as shown below:

Hramatnewhideout1.png Hramatnewhideout2.png

  • Once there, levitate down north behind the building and pull a lever hidden under the rubble:


  • Head inside and ask for a mission, he will tell you to find out how to pass the portal located in the Thoris catacombs.

Mission 7 Transcript
Talking to the Baron:

23:10 Player: hi 23:10 Ebbe: Hmm? 23:10 Player: mission 23:10 Ebbe: You found what?! A demon? It can't be.. he would never... he would never sell us out to those cowardly demons! I won't believe it... 23:10 Ebbe: But from what you say he wasn't as hostile as he should be, perhaps that's just an illusion, perhaps it's just... a summon? 23:11 Ebbe: You mentioned about him speaking to you in demonic tongue... 23:11 Ebbe: You clearly aren't an adept in our magic but if it's a binded creature the only way to speak with it is to use "Aht'cra'otris", the magical sentence to free his tongue.

Talking to Brigmazath: 23:23 Player: hi 23:23 Brigmazath: Gra'thar takum faort or' tarum. 23:23 Player: Aht'cra'otris 23:23 Brigmazath: ARRRRGGHHH! THE FOOL! THE BASTARD! HE SHALL BURN FOREVER... 23:23 Brigmazath: YOU FREED MY TONGUE, YOU ARE DESERVING, PERHAPS YOU AREN'T AS WORTHLESS AS THOSE FILTHY MAGGOTS. 23:23 Player: bastard 23:23 Brigmazath: THE BLACK RAVEN SOLD HIS FLESH TO ME. I HAD IT IN MY CLAWS BUT HE MADE ANOTHER ONE AND SENT HIS SOUL THERE. HE TRICKED ME... 23:23 Brigmazath: THIS VAGUE SCENT OF HIS BODY LEADS TO THE NORTH WEST. HE SHALL BURN!

Mission 8 - The Dark Grims

  • Head to Thoris Castle, open the hidden stairs same as before if needed, and follow the path below to get to the portal.
  • Take care as you'll face several Grim Adepts on the way.

Waytoportal1.png Waytoportal2.png Waytoportal3.png Waytoportal4.png

  • Take care as you'll be passing through the Thoris Grim Adepts Spawn.
  • When you reach the portal, try to enter and you'll receive a message:

Waytoportal5.png Portalmessage.png

Now return to Hramat on Mittenhoff Mountain (here Map.png) and he will ask you to:

  • After completing those, return to Hramat once more and he will ask you to bring him 5 Black Crystals. You can loot them very rarely from Arcanists at the Arcanum.

  • Once you turn in the black crystals, you will be able to pass the portal.
  • Hramat will now ask you to slay 1500 Dark Grims as well as the grim bosses Master Ecthrois and Master Mitrik who can be found inside the Dark Grim Realm.
    • Both bosses are similar in strength to Dark Grims but they have much more health, once you enter you have 10 minutes to kill them.
  • You will receive 1,000,000 Experience Points for killing 1500 Dark Grims and 200,000 Experience Points for killing the Grim Masters.

Mission 8 Transcript
Talking to Hramat:

12:13 Player: hi 12:13 Hramat: Greetings. 12:13 Player: mission 12:13 Hramat: You have found the fiery gate but couldn't pass through it? A spell doesn't allow unwanted intruders to enter their main hideout. Interesting... 12:14 Hramat: I have heard a rumor that the Dark Grims have been spotted on Forgula. It makes sense now, they must be training new adepts at this hideout to allow them to pass through the gate... 12:14 Hramat: There must be someone who posseses knowledge on how to pass through the gate, find out how to and execute that person... 12:14 Hramat: Also, get rid of some Grim Adepts, they will be troublesome if we will let them live. Kill about 750 of them.

Turning in Master Zegrath kill task: 12:13 Player: hi 12:13 Hramat: Greetings. 12:13 Player: mission 12:13 Hramat: Have you killed the teacher of the Grim Adepts? 12:13 Player: yes 12:14 Hramat: Great, but it's possible that few adepts already know how to pass through the portal and might share their knowledge with other adepts... 12:14 Hramat: Return to me when you will slay 750 of them.

Turning in the 750 Grim Adepts task: 12:13 Player: hi 12:13 Hramat: Greetings. 12:13 Player: mission 12:13 Hramat: Have you finished your task? Have you killed 750 of Grim Adepts? 12:13 Player: yes 12:14 Hramat: Now we don't have to worry about adepts anymore.

Turning in the Notes of Master Zegrath: 12:13 Player: hi 12:13 Hramat: Greetings. 12:13 Player: mission 12:13 Hramat: Adepts are gone and so is their teacher... 12:13 Hramat: Have you found out any clue how to pass the portal? 12:13 Player: yes 12:14 Hramat: A note covered in blood. At least I can still decipher what is written here... 12:14 Hramat: Ancient Sheol magic, interesting. The watchers created this spell when they tried to escape out world... 12:14 Hramat: It allows user to freely travel through dimensions without soul being torn apart. The spell itself is very old, and requires a lot of energy... 12:14 Hramat: In order for me to cast the spell alone I will need black crystals, catalysts that amplifies magic of the holder... 12:14 Hramat: I have heard that some wizards, those who use arcane magic are using them to boost their magic capabilities... 12:14 Hramat: Come back here with 5 of them. I'll be here.

Mission 9 - The Hellish Gate

  • As your final mission, Hramat will ask you to defeat the demon lord Thor'garak.
  • You will need to travel to the Dark Grim Realm and then to the quest door in the north area on +1. Enter the portal and travel to the building in the middle which has 2 Ashlords in it so take care.
  • A blocker of at least level 250 is required for this mission to be safe, and several shooters, although the larger the team the better. He has quite a bit of health so just SD him down. Make sure you heal the 8 healing crystals around the room as they take damage since Thor'garak regains a large amount of health if he manages to destroy one.
  • The mission can be done by 5-6 people if they're experienced enough, but people will usually join for free if you advertise it as everyone can claim a random reward from the chest at Hramat's hideout after participating in the boss fight.

  • Collect your reward and turn in your mission, as a reward you will receive a Ring of Purity.

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