Archini Faction

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AncientWatcher.png Archini Faction
Reward: Choice between: Staff of the Primordial Fire, Sword of the Primordial Fire, Bow of the Primordial Fire, Axe of the Primordial Fire OR Mace of the Primordial Fire
Location: All over Medivia.
Level required: 0
Be prepared to face: Gargoyles, Swamp Demons, Jothuns, Nightmares, Ancient Watchers
Legend: Becoming an Archini Archmage.
32px-Important Icon.png This article may contain quest spoiling information!

Mission 1: The Initiation

  • In order to join this faction, you have to talk to Dainavehr at the Archini Guild Quarters in Eschen (here Map.png).
  • Ask her if you can join - she will order you to bring 1 Meteorite Ore to prove yourself (if you are new to the game, getting 1 Meteorite Ore will be pretty hard since you need Mining skill 70, and even then, the meteor "raid" is rushed and cleaned by high level players so it is best to buy it from other players).
  • Once you get the ore, go back to Dainavehr and say mission 2 times, you will be rewarded with 10 Platinum Coins.
  • Dainavehr will send you directly to Tondril, south of her, for the next mission.

Mission 1/Transcripts

13:07 Javs Reborn: hi 13:07 Dainavehr: Who's there? Ah, hello, Javs Reborn. 13:07 Javs Reborn: join 13:07 Dainavehr: What's this, another peasant wishing to be a magician!... 13:07 Dainavehr: We have already trained enough Archini and you don't even look like you can cast any spells!... 13:07 Dainavehr: We are very busy right now. However, we are in search of a certain object... 13:07 Dainavehr: If you can bring it to me I may consider allowing you to become an apprentice in our guild... 13:07 Dainavehr: The material in question is a rare meteorite ore, normally I would send one of our mages for it, but most of our forces are focused on sealing the black castle... 13:07 Dainavehr: Bring it to me and then we will talk. Go now, peasant! 13:08 Javs Reborn: mission 13:08 Dainavehr: You've been gone this long and you dare come back here just like that!?... 13:08 Dainavehr: I hope for your sake that you have at least found the meteorite, if not... leave or else I shall incinerate you! 13:08 Javs Reborn: mission 13:08 Dainavehr: Well, you are not quite as big a disappointment as I thought... 13:08 Dainavehr: Here, take this money as your payment. As I said, I will consider you as a candidate to study under our mages, but first, you have to prove yourself worthy to the other masters... 13:08 Dainavehr: If you fail to satisfy even one of their requests you can forget about joining. Go speak with Tondril, he may have a job for you. 13:08 Javs Reborn: bye 13:08 Dainavehr: Yea, go away.

Mission 2: Becoming a Student

  • Speak to Tondril, south of Dainavehr in the Archini Guild Quarters.
  • Say mission to him, he will order you to retrieve a book that belonged to an outstanding mage called Men'El who is now buried in a tomb south of Eschen.
  • Follow the path as shown in the images below, first go south of Eschen and head to the shovel icon.
    • Go down the hole and continue north and down.
    • You will be in a room with an elevated area in the middle; use the boxes around or the Levitate spell to get up.
    • Once up, go up the rope hole and pull the lever on the surface which removes some bars blocking the way further.

Arch2.png Arch3.png

  • Go back down, levitate/climb down and head upstairs to the north. Then go to the hole west.
    • If the bars/fence is up, switch the lever again for it to disappear. Follow the green path. (The red line shows the fence.)

Arch9.png Arch4.png

  • Once you go down the hole, follow the red path as shown. The lever here can also be used to place or remove the fence so you can avoid getting trapped.

Arch6.png Arch5.png

  • Keep going the only way there is until you reach a place with a grave to the north. Right click the grave, 3 Ghosts will appear and you will receive the book.


  • Go back to Tondril and report the mission, he will reward you with 5 Platinum Coins.
  • Tondril will send you to Master Camille for the next mission.

  • Go downstairs and speak to Camille, she will tell you to study their lore and that you will go through a short test once you're ready. The answers to the questions can be found in the Archini Guild Library in the basement of the building.
  • Say mission again, followed by yes, and then the following words in order:
    • black hour ; salvation through fire ; destroyer ; divine varazin.
  • With this you will have passed the test and she will tell you to speak with Dainavehr.

  • Talk to Dainavehr about a mission, then oath, and you will need to respond as required:
Dainavehr: I'm glad you've decided to join us. Let us begin then. Repeat after me...
Dainavehr: In the name of Varazin, ruler of the ether...
Player: In the name of Varazin, ruler of the ether...
Dainavehr: The one and true God, creator of magic...
Player: The one and true God, creator of magic...
Dainavehr: I cast aside my old life...
Player: I cast aside my old life...
Dainavehr: Embrace the path of enlightenment, power and destruction...
Player: Embrace the path of enlightenment, power and destruction...
Dainavehr: Never will my actions be against the innocent...
Player: Never will my actions be against the innocent...
Dainavehr: Forever shall I oppose the darkness...
Player: Forever shall I oppose the darkness...
Dainavehr: and bring peace upon this world...
Player: and bring peace upon this world...
Dainavehr: I am awakened.
Player: I am awakened.
  • After this you will officially become a member of the guild and will be given your next mission.

Mission 2/Transcripts

13:22 Javs Reborn: hi 13:22 Tondril: Ha? Who's there? Ah... a student! So what do you need? 13:22 Javs Reborn: mission 13:22 Tondril: Ah, Dainavehr mentioned you would come here. Good, I can see you only know the basics of magic, but it's better than nothing... 13:22 Tondril: You see, I need you to retrieve something for me... 13:23 Tondril: Long time ago, a magician named Men'El was living here in Eschen. He was an outstanding mage whose help was invaluable... 13:23 Tondril: Unfortunately, he was poisoned. Poor Men'El drank a bottle of strange wine and was found dead the following day... 13:23 Tondril: He possessed a very interesting book that I wanted to read but never had chance too... 13:23 Tondril: But back in those days magicians were buried with all their belongings in order to stop dangerous magic from spreading... 13:23 Tondril: I need you to retrieve that book. If I remember correctly, he was buried in a tomb south of Eschen... 13:23 Tondril: Be warned, strong ethereal creatures may defend his grave, do not let your guard down... 13:23 Tondril: I have already sent several students there and none have returned. I shall be waiting, don't let me down. 13:24 Tondril: Retrieve me a book of Men'El. He was buried in a tomb somewhere to the south of Eschen. 16:39 Javs Reborn: mission 16:39 Tondril: Have you found the book? 16:39 Javs Reborn: yes 16:39 Tondril: Good, good. I see that it was not as easy as I had thought... 16:39 Tondril: Even in death, Men'El had magical influences affecting his body and altering energies around him... 16:39 Tondril: Take these coins, you will need them. I shall speak with Dainavehr and tell her I approve of you... 16:39 Tondril: You should speak with Master Camille now, she said it is urgent. 15:00 Popty Ping: hi 16:39 Master Camille: Hello student! 16:40 Popty Ping: mission 16:40 Master Camille: Dainavehr was impressed with how well you handled the assignment from Tondril... 16:40 Master Camille: She may be harsh, but her dedication earns her much respect from her students... 16:40 Master Camille: I too was intrigued to hear of your success, you brought back the book of Men'El for Tondril... 16:40 Master Camille: I don't think it was wise to retrieve it, that book should remain in the possession of only the cold dead earth, for eternity... 16:40 Master Camille: The contents of those texts are simply too dangerous for anyone to control... 16:40 Master Camille: Nevertheless, you have shown yourself to be quite capable, but before Dainavehr agrees to make you a student you will have to pass a small test... 16:40 Master Camille: Specifically, I will question you about the history of the guild. Head to the library and learn everything you can. 15:00 Popty Ping: mission 15:00 Master Camille: Are you ready for your test? 15:01 Popty Ping: yes 15:01 Master Camille: Here is the first question. What do we call the crisis that caused the exile of the Grim guild from Eschen? 15:01 Popty Ping: black hour 15:01 Master Camille: Good, and what is the motto of the Archini? 15:01 Popty Ping: salvation through fire 15:01 Master Camille: Very well, another question - who are we? 15:01 Popty Ping: destroyer 15:01 Master Camille: And the final question: we can use magic thanks to whom? 15:01 Popty Ping: divine varazin 15:01 Master Camille: Great! You have done well. You can go speak to Dainavehr now. 15:10 Popty Ping: hi 15:10 Dainavehr: Who's there? Ah, hello, Popty Ping. 15:10 Popty Ping: oath 15:10 Dainavehr: I'm glad you've decided to join us. Let us begin then. Repeat after me... 15:10 Dainavehr: In the name of Varazin, ruler of the ether... 15:10 Popty Ping: In the name of Varazin, ruler of the ether 15:10 Dainavehr: The one and true God, creator of magic... 15:10 Popty Ping: The one and true God, creator of magic 15:10 Dainavehr: I cast aside my old life... 15:10 Popty Ping: I cast aside my old life 15:10 Dainavehr: Embrace the path of enlightenment, power and destruction... 15:10 Popty Ping: Embrace the path of enlightenment, power and destruction 15:10 Dainavehr: Never will my actions be against the innocent... 15:11 Popty Ping: Never will my actions be against the innocent 15:11 Dainavehr: Forever shall I oppose the darkness... 15:11 Popty Ping: Forever shall I oppose the darkness 15:11 Dainavehr: and bring peace upon this world... 15:11 Popty Ping: and bring peace upon this world 15:11 Dainavehr: I am awakened. 15:11 Popty Ping: I am awakened 15:11 Dainavehr: You are officially one of us now, and as such you shall be entirely devoted to us and do all we ask of you... 15:11 Dainavehr: In exchange, we will train you and make you into a perfect weapon against the darkness of this world... 15:11 Dainavehr: The path will be long, and much time shall pass before you earn the right to call yourself a mage... 15:11 Dainavehr: The first task you need to complete is to take these three letters and hand them to the Archini Masters in Thoris, Lucindel and Arak... 15:11 Dainavehr: The names of the Masters are Torben, Gloringwe and Arbois. It is very urgent so do it quickly... 15:12 Dainavehr: The situation around the black castle is getting out of control. Begone!

Mission 3: Serving the Masters

  • Dainavehr will ask you to deliver 3 "letters" to 3 different NPC's around Medivia (you will have to complete different tasks for each NPC).
  • You can do them in any order.
  • Once you are done with all 3 tasks, go back to Dainavehr, talk to her about the mission - she will send you directly to Tondril.

Mission 3A: Torben

  • Torben is in the mana shop in Thoris (here Map.png). He wants you to bring him 60 Magic Wall Runes (if you make them using mana fluids it will cost around 31k).
  • Once you give Torben the runes, he will send you to the mercenary camp to the west (here Map.png) because Captain Albrecht needs your help.
  • Head to the camp and talk to the captain about a mission - he will order you to slay 800 Jothuns. [Video]
  • Once you finish the task, go back and report it to Captain Albrecht by saying mission again and he will send you back to Torben to collect your payment.
  • Speak to Torben about your mission and you will be rewarded with 40,000 Gold Coins.

Mission 3A/Transcripts

15:16 Popty Ping: hi 15:16 Torben: Good morning Popty Ping. 15:16 Popty Ping: letter 15:16 Torben: Thank you for this letter, Popty Ping. I see you are a new student in our guild, it is nice to see a new face in this cold place... 15:17 Torben: It is a report from Dainavehr... By Varazin! As I suspected. The black castle is... 15:17 Torben: Ahem, forget about it... 15:17 Torben: The mages at the black castle require more supplies, so all my mana is used to create the magic wall runes. But it is not enough... 15:17 Torben: Our fellow mages who keep the gates shut off will run out of stock soon. I will not be able to make so many runes on time... 15:17 Torben: I need your aid, Popty Ping. I do not care how you will do it, but I need you to gather 60 magic wall runes and bring me them as soon as possible... 16:06 Torben: The gates of the black castle must remain sealed. There is no time to waste. 16:06 Javs Reborn: mission 16:06 Torben: Do you have 60 magic wall runes with you? 16:06 Javs Reborn: yes 16:06 Torben: Splendid, that should give me enough time to prepare more supplies for our mages... 16:07 Torben: But it is not a time to rest, Javs Reborn. When you were gone I received a request from Captain Albrecht... 16:07 Torben: They require my help, but as you already know, I have a more important task to do... 16:07 Torben: Meet with the captain and assist him in my place... 16:07 Torben: Head to the mercenary camp just outside the west city gate. I have heard it is urgent, so go there immediately. 19:06 Javs Reborn: hi 19:06 Captain Albrecht: Hail! 19:06 Javs Reborn: mission 19:06 Captain Albrecht: Huh? Who are you? Where is Torben?... 19:06 Captain Albrecht: Did he send you in his place? To me, you look like a newbie... 19:06 Captain Albrecht: Anyway, I have really bad news, many soldiers are missing and I think I know what is behind it... 19:07 Captain Albrecht: Most small archer parties I sent to the outskirts of town do not come back and I doubt it is mass desertion... 19:07 Captain Albrecht: They all disappeared in the same region south of the city, near the Lands of Giants... 19:07 Captain Albrecht: As the name suggests, this land is occupied by large human-like creatures - cyclopses and... jothuns... 19:07 Captain Albrecht: I am sure you have fought or at least heard of cyclopses. They do not pose any threat to a skilled knight... 19:07 Captain Albrecht: So it is impossible, that my men who were patrolling this area were defeated by mere one-eyed creatures... 19:07 Captain Albrecht: This can only mean one thing: they were attacked by jothuns... 19:07 Captain Albrecht: The difference in the strength of frozen giants and cyclopses is immense and their thick skin and armor deflect swings of our swords... 19:08 Captain Albrecht: This is the reason why I asked the Archini guild for help, Javs Reborn. Magic is much more effective against them than cold steel... 19:08 Captain Albrecht: I am not sure if you can handle this task, but you were sent by one of the strongest mages in our city, so despite your appearance, you maybe know a thing or two about offensive magic... 19:08 Captain Albrecht: Return to me when you will slay 800 Jothuns. We will take care of the rest. Good luck. 04:21 Javs Reborn: hi 04:21 Captain Albrecht: Hail! 04:21 Javs Reborn: mission 04:21 Captain Albrecht: Not bad, Javs Reborn, not bad. Maybe you want to join our company? Just kidding, haha... 04:21 Captain Albrecht: Baron will send your payment to Archini guild of Thoris, speak to Torben to receive your share... 04:21 Captain Albrecht: This is our time to shine now. EVERYONE, GATHER! WE HAVE SOME GIANTS TO SLAY! 04:24 Javs Reborn: hi 04:24 Torben: Good morning Javs Reborn. 04:24 Javs Reborn: mission 04:24 Torben: Oh, you are back, Javs Reborn. What was this request of Captain Albrecht about? Some soldier just brought a ridiculously large bag full of gold... 04:24 Torben: You fought with Jothuns?! This is unbelievable... I would not expect a student to defeat a frozen giant, you are a lot stronger than I thought... 04:24 Torben: This reward belongs to you. I took a small portion of it to help us fund blank runes needed to create magic wall runes... 04:24 Torben: I will tell a good word about you to Dainavehr, but do not tell her I have sent you on such a dangerous mission.

Mission 3B: Gloringwe

  • Gloringwe can be found far north of Lucindel, up on the mountain (here Map.png).
  • She wants you to find whoever is responsible for the large amounts of dead animals in the forest.
  • Head to the west of Lucindel and follow the red path as in the image below. Once you are there, right-click the dead deer.

Arch10.png Arch11.png

  • Go back to Gloringwe and talk to her about the mission, she will give you a task to kill 650 Swamp Demons [Video], the best place to do the task is at the Swamp Demon Cave.
  • Once you finish the task, go back to Gloringwe and say mission once again, you will be rewarded with 600,000 Experience Points.

Mission 3B/Transcripts

15:30 Popty Ping: hi 15:30 Gloringwe: Yes? 15:30 Popty Ping: letter 15:30 Gloringwe: A letter from Dainavehr? That's unexpected, she usually contacts us through astral sight... 15:30 Gloringwe: It's rare for a student to come here alone with such important information, she must trust you... 15:30 Gloringwe: I'm preoccupied with organising the forces of our mages and I need some things taken care of... 15:30 Gloringwe: Listen, Popty Ping, our hunters reported dead deers and other animals in the forest. Normally, we don't pay much attention to this... 15:31 Gloringwe: Hunters are very swift in finding the murderer of our animal brothers and sisters, but this time it was different... 15:31 Gloringwe: The animals were not just killed, they were massacred. Blood all over the trees, ankles and legs split from the body... 15:31 Gloringwe: The animals were not just killed, they were massacred. Blood all over the trees, ankles and legs split from the body... 15:31 Gloringwe: Enter the forest and find out what is going on. 15:31 Javs Reborn: hi 15:31 Gloringwe: Yes? 15:31 Javs Reborn: mission 15:31 Gloringwe: As our hunters reported. Body ripped to pieces and blood all over the place. But it is not what is disturbing me... 15:31 Gloringwe: This trail of slime. This is no good... 15:31 Gloringwe: Ever heard of swamp demons? They are creatures responsible for the disappearance of many men, mostly adventurers who ran out of luck on the swamps of Mor'Nordla... 15:31 Gloringwe: But they were never sighted outside the swamp area. This means only one thing. Without us knowing, their population has increased... 15:31 Gloringwe: There is simply not enough space nor food for all of them, that is why they started feasting on the animals of El-Liaran forest... 15:31 Gloringwe: We must do something about this before it gets of hand. Not only animals are in danger, but also travellers from Thoris and Arak... 15:32 Gloringwe: You aspire to become an Archini mage, am I correct? This will be good training for you then... 15:32 Gloringwe: Student Javs Reborn, here are my orders. Enter the swamps of Mor'Nordla and get rid of these fiends... 15:32 Gloringwe: Slaying 650 swamp demons should be enough to stop them from searching for food outside the swamp area. Now go and return in one piece. 04:21 Javs Reborn: hi 04:21 Gloringwe: Yes? 04:21 Javs Reborn: mission 04:21 Gloringwe: You did a great job, Javs Reborn. These creatures should not leave their swamp anymore... 04:21 Gloringwe: You may leave now, get some rest.

Mission 3C: Arbois

  • Go to Arbois just south of the mana fluid shop in Arak (here Map.png), ask him about the mission and he will send you to buy some special vodka from Kirill.
  • Head to Kirill (here Map.png) and ask about the special vodka. He will give you the vodka if you complete a task for him - slay an Orc Commander.
  • The Orc Commander can be accessed via a lever (here Map.png) on the -1 floor of the Orc Fortress, once you pull the lever you will be teleported into a room with the orc commander which you cannot leave until you kill him. You have 10 minutes to kill him and are teleported out automatically 30 seconds after killing him.
    • The orc commander is similar in strength to an Orc Warlord but has much more health (over 10,000), there is a cluster of stones in the middle which you can run around and kill him as quickly as possible using SD's or Explos. He is quite fast so you might want to consider bringing a Time Ring.


  • Once you get the kill, return to Kirill and tell him about the orc and then say yes. He will then give you the vodka.
  • Bring the vodka back to Arbois and tell him about the mission.

Mission 3C/Transcripts

15:33 Popty Ping: hi 15:33 Arbois: Hello. 15:33 Popty Ping: letter 15:33 Arbois: Do you come from the guild? I didn't ask for help... 15:33 Arbois: I bet you are here because of some stupid trial to find if you are 'worthy' of Archini. I'm not gonna make your problems with that... 15:34 Arbois: As you are here I have just one, small and easy task for you to do. All of those crazy Arak bastards are drinking something they called vodka... 15:34 Arbois: I did try it but I just can't stand this flavour... 15:34 Arbois: Although, I overheard a conversation about them giving me the worst vodka in Arak... 15:34 Arbois: I want to try it, and rumours say the best vodka can be found in Kirill's tavern... 15:34 Arbois: But he doesn't want to let me in. Can you buy me the special vodka he has? I will be waiting here. 15:37 Popty Ping: hi 15:37 Kirill: And another one for... HELLO NEWCOMER!!! 15:37 Popty Ping: special vodka 15:37 Kirill: What? My special vodka... 15:38 Kirill: Haha, Arbois must have sent you. Only this idiot think there is something like special vodka. Every drink we serve here is special... 15:38 Kirill: I will give you a bottle but you have to pay. And I don't want money from you... 15:38 Kirill: If Arbois have sent you then you must be a mage. I want you to pay by helping my fellow cossacks by slaying orcs... 15:38 Kirill: They already have full hands of work, and we are in a war with Graugs... 15:38 Kirill: A mere orc is not an opponent for a magic user, though. You need to slay one of the orcish commander warlords. Deal? 15:38 Popty Ping: yes 15:38 Kirill: Deal. 03:34 Javs Reborn: hi 03:34 Kirill: And another one for... HELLO NEWCOMER!!! 03:34 Javs Reborn: orc 03:34 Kirill: Did you slay a filthy orc commander? 03:34 Javs Reborn: yes 03:34 Kirill: Good job, here is a bottle for Arbois. 03:37 Javs Reborn: hi 03:37 Arbois: Hello. 03:37 Javs Reborn: mission 03:37 Arbois: It's so great! I couldn't wait any longer... 03:37 Arbois: I hope it was not expensive because I have no money to give you back, but I'll consider this as guild donation... 03:37 Arbois: It took some time I have to admit, Kirill is a hard person... 03:37 Arbois: But I'm not mad. Such a special drink must be very rare... 03:37 Arbois: Now if you will excuse me, I... I have an experiment to do. 03:46 Javs Reborn: hi 03:46 Dainavehr: Who's there? Ah, hello, Javs Reborn. 03:46 Javs Reborn: mission 03:46 Dainavehr: I see that you have successfully delivered all the letters... 03:46 Dainavehr: It seems that the other masters took a liking to you, Javs Reborn... 03:47 Dainavehr: I haven't received any report from Arbois, but I can guess why. His drinking habits will surely finish him off... 03:47 Dainavehr: If he keeps acting like this he will be demoted to a mere mage rank, or perhaps I should just turn him into a pet rat... 03:47 Dainavehr: Anyway, I have no tasks for you at the moment. Maybe Tondril will have something to do... 03:47 Dainavehr: I am curious and worried about what ideas he has come up with after reading that strange book.

  • Once you are done with all 3 tasks, go back to Dainavehr, talk to her about the mission - she will send you directly to Tondril.

Mission 4: The Vision [Video]

  • After completing the 3 tasks, Dainavehr will thank you and send you to Tondril.
  • Ask Tondril about your next mission, he will ask you to find "a young girl holding a staff inside a burning house".
    • WARNING: This mission includes a strong demon boss that you have to kill so do not go unprepared!!
  • That burning house is located here Map.png. Follow the red path starting from Eschen south exit as shown in the image below.

Spaceless version.png

  • Once you arrive, go down the stairs and enter the portal, you will face 2 Fire Elementals and some Fire Devils, a little bit to the north you will face the boss Zilrazath. He is quite slow, but similar in strength to a Demon, so just run diagonally to avoid his wave and kill him as quickly as possible.
    • Video of this mission killing the boss Zilrazath:[Zilrazath]

  • Once you have slain Zilrazath, go north and enter the portal, it will bring you outside.
  • Now head back to Tondril and turn in the mission, he will send you back to talk to Dainavehr.
  • Ask Dainavehr about a mission and she will send you back to Tondril.

Mission 4/Transcripts

03:52 Javs Reborn: hi 03:52 Tondril: Ha? Who's there? Ah... a student! So what do you need? 03:52 Javs Reborn: mission 03:52 Tondril: Oh, it is you, Javs Reborn. I knew you would come. I had a vision... 03:52 Tondril: That book you have brought here... It is certainly affecting me... 03:52 Tondril: Perhaps it is trying to tell me something. Let me tell you about the vision I saw... 03:53 Tondril: A ruined house in a remote area filled somehow with something wet and warm... 03:53 Tondril: A young girl of red skin, cloaked in the fire burning very bright yet unable to lighten up the pitch-black room she was standing in... 03:53 Tondril: Holding a strangely familiar to me staff she stood there in silence and eventually got consumed by darkness... 03:53 Tondril: Argh, this is giving me a headache. Who is that girl? What was that staff? Why was she burning?... 03:53 Tondril: We need to figure out what it all means. Start by searching for this house... 03:53 Tondril: It is just a guess but it might be somewhere in this country. The landscape around the house was similar to the one around villages near Eschen... 03:53 Tondril: I need to rest now, I studied this book without rest. Return if you will find out something. 05:09 Javs Reborn: hi 05:09 Tondril: Ha? Who's there? Ah... a student! So what do you need? 05:09 Javs Reborn: mission 05:09 Tondril: So it was true, the house was real!... 05:10 Tondril: Demons are a rare sight these days, they lurk in shadows deep below the earth. Interesting... 05:10 Tondril: I wonder what all this means, I just hope there's not another demonic invasion in our future. We have our hands full with Thoris and the black castle right now... 05:10 Tondril: Go and speak with Dainavehr, I sense she wants to speak with you. 05:11 Javs Reborn: hi 05:11 Dainavehr: Who's there? Ah, hello, Javs Reborn. 05:11 Javs Reborn: mission 05:11 Dainavehr: You, a student, singlehandedly killed a demon, maybe not the biggest one, but still, a demon... 05:11 Dainavehr: No other student would have been able to face a demonic force such as that on their own... 05:11 Dainavehr: I may have been wrong about you, now I am glad I gave you a chance... 05:12 Dainavehr: I promote you to Archini Mage, thus ending your studies. You are now an official member of our guild. You do not have to take assignements from other mages unless a Master commands you to... 05:12 Dainavehr: Remember about our principles and that becoming a mage does not absolve you from the duty to grow in power and keep learning... 05:12 Dainavehr: For now, Mage Javs Reborn, I heard a Tondril needs help once again, so your first job as a mage will be to continue the mission you started as a student.

Mission 5: The Demonic Possession [Video]

  • Go to Tondril to start this mission.
  • He will send you to speak with the jewellery shopkeeper Dianne (here Map.png) on the first floor (+1) of the jewellery.
  • Talk to her about a mission and she will ask you for help with her possessed child, just go downstairs to the basement to find Agne.
    • WARNING: You will face another demon boss here, this time it's Azgath, he is a little stronger than the previous one since he spawns a Nightmare).
  • Just say hi to Agne and wait until she says "Bag'hur...", then you will be teleported to a room with the demon.

Azgath room.png

  • Once you have slain Azgath, go back to Dianne and talk to her about the mission, she will reward you with a Ring of the Sky.
  • Now go back to Tondril and report your mission, he will tell you to talk with Master Camille downstairs.

  • Your mission now is to get some information from Naal'Amib, an old Archini mage.
  • You have to find his grave (here Map.png), in order to do this head to Arak south gate and follow the red path as shown in the image below. Once you get to the bridge on image 2 just Levitate down to the left and look for Naal'Amib's grave, then right-click on it.

Naalamib grave.png

  • Go back to Master Camille and tell her about your mission.

  • Camille will send you back to Agne to see if everything is okay.
    • WARNING: Once you say YES you will be teleported inside Agne's nightmares, a place full of Nightmares!
  • Head to the Eschen jewellery shop basement floor and talk to her, just say nightmares followed by yes.
    • You will be teleported inside her dreams and given the task to kill 500 Nightmares. The spawn layout can be seen on the Nightmare Cave page.
  • When you want to leave, just go 1 floor up and follow the red path on the image below:


Mission 5/Transcripts

05:13 Javs Reborn: hi 05:13 Tondril: Welcome, Mage Javs Reborn. What do you need? 05:13 Javs Reborn: mission 05:13 Tondril: Ah finally, you've arrived. You won't believe it!... 05:13 Tondril: A child was possessed right here in Eschen! Incredible, it's the first time I have heard of a demon possessing someone so young... 05:13 Tondril: She is the daughter of Diane, a jewellery shopkeeper. Speak with her and find out more about the situation. 05:16 Javs Reborn: hi 05:16 Dianne: Welcome dear customer. 05:16 Javs Reborn: mission 05:16 Dianne: My daughter Agne had started acting strange, she was restless and had no sleep for many days... 05:17 Dianne: Then she started writing strange markings on the walls, I don't know what language it is... 05:17 Dianne: The druid tried to help, but when he touched her he got badly burned... He said... That something evil is inside my child... 05:17 Dianne: I don't know what to do... I can't do anything... my life hurts... 05:17 Dianne: Please, Javs Reborn, help me! Help her... go to her room and heal her soul. 05:18 Javs Reborn: hi 05:18 Agne: Ugrag car manar! Mito hor!... 05:18 Agne: Lamanera... 05:18 Agne: Konorami... 05:18 Agne: Bag'hur... 05:33 Javs Reborn: hi 05:33 Dianne: Welcome dear customer. 05:33 Javs Reborn: mission 05:33 Dianne: Thank you for saving her, she's all I care about. Please, take this valuable ring in gratitude. 05:39 Javs Reborn: hi 05:39 Tondril: Welcome, Mage Javs Reborn. What do you need? 05:39 Javs Reborn: mission 05:39 Tondril: Ah, you're back, so you have probably dealt with that child already!... 05:39 Tondril: The demonic influence in these lands is increasing, while you were gone, Master Camille dealt with some assaults from the fiery beasts... 05:39 Tondril: She destroyed a whole horde of demons without even using any runes... 05:39 Tondril: I must find out if it's this book that is calling forth this hell. Speak to her as soon as possible. 05:49 Javs Reborn: hi 05:49 Master Camille: Hello student! 05:49 Javs Reborn: mission 05:49 Master Camille: It's been hundreds of years since so many demons have been sighted in a day... 05:50 Master Camille: I dealt with a raid, the likes of which has never happened before. And I heard that you helped Diane... 05:50 Master Camille: You managed to restore a soul and body from a demon's grasp, you are a very talented mage... 05:50 Master Camille: I visited Diane as well, she told me who the father of a possessed child is... 05:50 Master Camille: Naal'Amib, an old Archini mage... 05:50 Master Camille: I managed to find and trap the weakened demon after it fled from your attack, and then I interrogated him... 05:50 Master Camille: I know now what they're looking for, and it frightens me... 05:50 Master Camille: The Staff of Primordial Fire, an ancient artefact. But it cannot be, Agne's father destroyed it long ago!... 05:50 Master Camille: You must find him and find out more about this. Last I heard he was living somewhere in Belvez. 21:25 Javs Reborn: hi 21:25 Master Camille: Hello student! 21:25 Javs Reborn: mission 21:25 Master Camille: He is dead?... 21:25 Master Camille: I need to consult with Dainavehr, perhaps she might have some ideas... 21:25 Master Camille: Agne has complained about strong headaches and nightmares after being freed from the demon's control. Please visit her and see if everything is okay. 21:29 Javs Reborn: hi 21:29 Agne: My head.. it hurts! 21:29 Javs Reborn: mission 21:29 Agne: It hurts! Ouch, it hurts so much! My head... it feels like it is going to explode!... 21:29 Agne: Please help me, the nightmares want to eat me... 21:29 Agne: Get rid of them, please. Will you please stay with me 'till I fall asleep? 21:29 Javs Reborn: yes

Mission 6: The Necromantic Ritual

  • After finishing the task of Nightmares say mission to Agne and Dianne, then head to Master Camille, she will redirect you to Dainavehr to start this mission.
  • She will tell you of a ritual that needs to be performed in order to get in contact with Naal'Amib and she sends you to the Grim Grandmaster Ebbe in Thoris (here Map.png).
  • Ebbe tells you that the ritual will require the soul of a powerful individual, but first you need to obtain a vessel to hold such a soul. Only the smiths of Mittenhoff are capable of forging such a thing, so head to the Great Forge (here Map.png) and speak to Snorri about your mission.
  • Snorri will tell you he requires 200 Gargoyle Wings and 20.000 gold coins to craft the soul vessel.
    • Gargoyle wings are quite easy to skin, the best places for gargoyle hunting are the underground part of the Green Djinn Tower in Yehsha if you have finished the Blue Djinn Quest OR the -4 floor of the Flooded Tomb.
    • After delivering these items you'll need to wait 1 hour until the vessel is done!
  • Once you have the vessel, return to Ebbe in the Grim Quarters in Thoris and say mission, he'll ask you to capture the soul of a wanted necromancer in the swamps north of Arak (here Map.png).
    • You'll need to levitate up the hill and go up the tower. At the top is a room with a lever, once you pull the lever you will be teleported into a small room with Saequr the necromancer. You will have 10 minutes to kill him and will be teleported out 30 seconds after killing him.


  • Once he's dead use the soul vessel on his body to collect his soul.
  • Report your mission to Ebbe and he will send you to Dainavehr.

The Ritual

  • Dainavehr will teleport you to a small island where the ritual is to be performed.
    • WARNING: Do not say ready if you're not prepared for a fight! Say teleport if you want to go back!
  • Once you're on the island, you need to say ready to Dainavehr in order to trigger the "event".
  • When you start the event, the NPC's will begin chanting and 3 of them will turn into "creatures" which can be attacked by the monsters and healed by you. (Dainavehr will remain a regular NPC and thus cannot be attacked.)
  • Your mission now is to protect and HEAL Ebbe, Tondril and Master Camille using Ultimate Healing Runes while they perform the ritual.
    • WARNING: Do not let any of the NPC's die or MANY Demons will be summoned and you'll fail the mission!!!


  • Each NPC has about 4000 health points.
  • There are 4 waves that spawn the following creatures in the following order:
  • 20 seconds after the fourth wave is summoned the NPC's will complete the ritual and will turn back into normal NPC's and stop taking damage. Naal'Amib will appear in the middle of the circle.


  • Just clear away the remaining creatures and speak to Naal'Amib to find out your next step.
  • Say back and yes to Dainavehr to return to the mainland.

Mission 7: The Primordial Fire

  • After killing all the mobs, head to Arak and follow the path below.

  • You'll find Kha'Yr, ask him for a 'mission' and he'll start to tell you the story of his people and their degradation following the exodus. Finally, he will ask you to put 1000 Ancient Watchers to rest.
  • Once you've killed them, Kha'Yr will pass all his knowledge to you through his eyes and tell you that the Staff of the Primordial Fire is hidden below the Snowy Hills, down the hole at the east part of the hills as shown below.


  • Once inside, make your way to the black magic wall and right-click it to enter and continue into the portal. There will be a chest there which contains the staff.

  • Now head back to Dainavehr in Eschen and say 'mission', she will ask you if she can hold the Staff of the Primordial Fire. Once you say 'yes', she will become possessed by Demon Lord Ozan and you'll be instantly teleported to a place where you will battle with Dainavehr until the Demon leaves her corpse (she uses energy beams and waves doing 300-400 damage per hit, not too hard).
  • Ozan will then leave her body and attack you, he is comparable to a stronger demon. Just kill him as quickly as possible.

  • Once you've defeated Ozan and freed Dainavehr of her possession, you will earn the right to keep the Staff for yourself or change it into either a mace, sword, axe or bow.
    • NOTE: The staff can only be transformed once, irreversibly!

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