Ancient Watcher

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Ancient Watcher
Heart.png Hit Points: 12500
Xp.png Experience: 15200
Summon.png Summon: -
Convince.png Convince: -
Abilities:Melee (0-?), Flame Strike (150-260~), Energy Strike (240-440~), Death Strike (230-500~), Lifedrain Ball (200-270~), Poison Wave (350-550~), Manadrain (100-200?)
Push Objects:✔️
Est. Max Damage:2000+ HP per turn
Immune To:Fire, Poison, Death
Neutral To:Physical, Energy, Ice, Holy
Sounds:"I see your thoughts!"; "Let me take a look at you!"; "Let me borrow your eyes."
Task:1000 (Archini Faction)
Strategy:You can teamhunt this with a knight blocker at around level 250, Amulet of the Elements is highly recommended due to their high elemental damage for blockers and shooters (especially mages and druids) as retargets can easily be deadly. An archer can also serve as a blocker here starting at around level 320, an archer + druid duo is effective in the Black Tomb.
Not viable for knights to solo due to their keeping at a distance, high damage output and high melee damage.
Archers can solo these around level 350.
Mages or druids could solo these around level 400-450~, much easier for druids thanks to Purification.
Loot:0-11 Small Amethyst, Green Mushroom, Mind Stone, Ancient Amulet, Wand of Light (semi-rare), Bright Sword (semi-rare), Might Ring (semi-rare), Blue Robe (rare), Ancient Sword (very rare), Mastermind Shield (very rare), Violet Gem (very rare), Watcher Armor (extremely rare), Watcher Legs (extremely rare), Watcher Boots (extremely rare)
Skinnable:Ancient Watcher's Tentacle.png Ancient Watcher's Tentacle with Skinpeeler.png (5%)
Ancient Watcher's Eyesocket.png Ancient Watcher's Eyesocket with Skinning Knife.png (1%)
Location:Black Tomb

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