The Djinn War - Marid Faction

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Marid.png The Djinn War - Marid Faction
Reward: 3 Small Sapphires, Gemmed Lamp, the ability to trade with Nah'Bob and Haroun, the possibility to hunt Green Djinns in Yehsha
Location: Ashta'shai (Blue Djinn Fortress)
Level required: 40 (50+ recommended)
Items required: Cookbook.gif Cookbook, Cheese.png Cheese.
Be prepared to face: Green Djinn, Efreet, Orc Warlord, Orc Leader, Gargoyle, Orc Berserker, Stone Golem, Eye of Shadow, Orc Warrior, and other minor creatures such as Cobra, Lion, Hyaena
Legend: There is a war between two Djinn factions.
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There are two warring Djinn factions, the Blue Djinns (Marids) the Green Djinns (Efreets). As part of their war, they are interested in buying and selling strong equipment for good prices, but they will only deal with people that they trust. You must prove your allegiance to only one Djinn faction (they buy/sell different items). Once the Djinns trust you, they will trade with you.

Starting the Quest

  • Before starting the quest, you should go Mittenhoff first (if you do not have the Cookbook already), and buy the Cookbook from Lokgruck. It costs 150 gp, and make sure you carry Cheese with you to save you the trouble from double trips, as you will need both of the items to complete the quest.

  • To start the quest, you need to speak to Melchior about a word of greeting, he can be found wandering around Yehsha.
Conversation with Melchior
Player: hi

Melchior: Greetings, Player. I do not see your face, but I can read a thousand things in your voice! Player: word of greeting Melchior: The djinns have an ancient code of honour. This code includes a special concept of hospitality. Anybody who utters the word of greeting must not be attacked even if he is an enemy. Well, at least that is what the code says... Melchior: I have found out, though, that this does not work at all times. There is no point to say the word of greeting to an enraged djinn... Melchior: I can tell you the word of greeting if you're interested. It is DJANNI'HAH. Remember this word well, stranger. It might save your life one day... Melchior: And keep in mind that you must choose sides in this conflict. You can only follow the Efreet or the Marid - once you have made your choice there is no way back. I know from experience that djinn do not tolerate double-crossing.

  • Melchior tells you that Djinns always greet each other with the word "DJANNI'HAH". You can now enter the Djinn Fortress.

Mission 1: Filling Bo'ques Collection

Cookbook (can be bought from Lokgruck in Mittenhoff)
  • To reach the Blue Djinn Fortress, take the ramp just east from the Fiery Pit (here).
  • Follow the path north-west to the Blue Djinn Fortress.

Blue Djinn Mission1b.png

  • Upon entering the Fortress, speak with Umar and say the word of greeting, "DJANNI'HAH" (instead of saying "hi"). Then ask for "passage".
Conversation with Umar
Player: djanni'hah

Umar: Whoa? You know the word! Amazing, Player! ... Umar: I should go and tell Fa'hradin. ... Umar: Well. Why are you here anyway, Player? Player: passage Umar: If you want to enter our fortress you have to become one of us and fight the Efreet. ... Umar: So, are you willing to do so? Player: yes Umar: Are you sure? You pledge loyalty to king Gabel, who is... you know. And you are willing to never ever set foot on Efreets' territory, unless you want to kill them? Yes? Player: yes Umar: Oh. Ok. Welcome then. You may pass. ... Umar: And don't forget to kill some Efreets, now and then.

  • After listening to him, go up to the next floor and talk to Bo'ques. Ask him for a "mission", and he will ask you to bring him a Cookbook.
Conversation with Bo'ques & Questlog Update
Player: hi

Bo'ques: Hey! A human! What are you doing in my kitchen, Player? Player: mission Bo'ques: My collection of recipes is almost complete. There are only but a few that are missing. ... Bo'ques: Hmmm... now that we talk about it. There is something you could help me with. Are you interested? Player: yes Bo'ques: Fine! Even though I know so many recipes, I'm looking for the description of some dwarven meals. ... Bo'ques: So, if you could bring me a cookbook of the dwarven kitchen I will reward you well.

Filling Bo'ques Collection
Bo'ques in Ashta'shai asked you to bring him a cookbook of the dwarven kitchen.

Conversation with Bo'ques & Questlog Update
Player: hi

Bo'ques: Hey! A human! What are you doing in my kitchen, Player? Player: cookbook Bo'ques: Do you have the cookbook of the dwarven kitchen with you? Can I have it? Player: yes Bo'ques: The book! You have it! Let me see! <browses the book> ... Bo'ques: Dragon Egg Omelette, Dwarven beer sauce... it's all there. This is great! Here is your well-deserved reward. ... Bo'ques: Incidentally, I have talked to Fa'hradin about you during dinner. I think he might have some work for you. Why don't you talk to him about it?

Filling Bo'ques Collection (completed)
You delivered Bo'ques the cook book of the dwarves.

Mission 2: The Spy Report

Cheese (can be bought from many merchants)
  • Talk to Fa'hradin and ask for a "mission". He will tell you to get a report from a spy they have in the Green Djinn Fortress, and he will give you the password "PIEDPIPER".
Conversation with Fa'hradin & Questlog Update
Player: hi

Fa'hradin: Aaaah... what have we here. A human - interesting. And such an ugly specimen, too... All right, human Player. How can I help you? Player: mission Fa'hradin: I have heard some good things about you from Bo'ques. But I don't know... Fa'hradin: Well, all right. I do have a job for you... Fa'hradin: In order to stay informed about our enemy's doings, we have managed to plant a spy in Mal'ouquah... Fa'hradin: He has kept the Efreet and Malor under surveillance for quite some time... Fa'hradin: But unfortunately, I have lost contact with him months ago... Fa'hradin: I do not fear for his safety because his cover is foolproof, but I cannot contact him either. This is where you come in... Fa'hradin: I need you to infiltrate Mal'ouqhah, contact our man there and get his latest spyreport. The password is PIEDPIPER. Remember it well! ... Fa'hradin: I do not have to add that this is a dangerous mission, do I? If you are discovered expect to be attacked! So good luck, human!

The Spy Report
Fahradin in Ashta'shai asked you to infiltrate Mal'ouqhah and retrieve the spy report from the spy. The password is PIEDPIPER.

  • You will need to go to the secret entrance to the Green Djinn Fortress. This is the part where you need Cheese.
  • Head south from the Blue Djinn Fortress along the mountain and then west to go up a ramp.

Blue djinn mission2a.png

  • Instead of going through the front door of the Green Djinn Fortress, follow the path north, around to the back of the Fortress. You will go up and down a few ramps and face some Lions, Hyaenas, Cobras and Scorpions.

Green Djinn Fortress way around.png

Conversation with Rata'mari
Player: piedpiper

Rata'mari: Meep? I mean - hello! Sorry, Player... Being a rat has kind of grown on me. Player: spy report Rata'mari: You have come for the report? Great! I have been working hard on it during the last months. And nobody came to pick it up. I thought everybody had forgotten about me! ... Rata'mari: Do you have any idea how difficult it is to hold a pen when you have claws instead of hands? ... Rata'mari: But - you know - now I have worked so hard on this report I somehow don't want to part with it. At least not without some decent payment... Rata'mari: All right - listen - I know Fa'hradin would not approve of this, but I can't help it. I need some cheese! I need it now! ... Rata'mari: And I will not give the report to you until you get me some! Meep! Player: cheese Rata'mari: Ok, have you brought me the cheese, I've asked for? Player: yes Rata'mari: Meep! Meep! Great! Here is the spyreport for you!

  • Take the Spy Report back to Fa'hradin in the Blue Djinn Fortress. When you give him the spy report, he will tell you to go speak with Gabel upstairs.
Conversation with Fa'hradin & Questlog Update
Player: hi

Fa'hradin: Aaaah... what have we here. A human - interesting. And such an ugly specimen, too... All right, human Player. How can I help you? Player: spy report Fa'hradin: Did you already retrieve the spyreport? Player: yes Fa'hradin: You really have made it? You have the report? How come you did not get slaughtered? I must say I'm impressed. Your race will never cease to surprise me. Fa'hradin: Well, let's see... Fa'hradin: I think I need to talk to Gabel about this. I am sure he will know what to do. Perhaps you should have a word with him, too.

The Spy Report (completed)
You returned the spy report to Fahradin.

Mission 3: Fa'hradin's Lamp

  • Go upstairs and talk to Gabel. Ask him for a "mission", and he will tell you to retrieve a lamp from the Orc King in Urkgzag.
Conversation with Gabel & Questlog Update
Player: hi

Gabel: Welcome, human Player, to our humble abode. Player: mission Gabel: Sooo. Fa'hradin has told me about your extraordinary exploit, and I must say I am impressed... Gabel: Your fragile human form belies your courage and your fighting spirit... Gabel: I hardly dare to ask you because you have already done so much for us, but there is a task to be done, and I cannot think of anybody else who would be better suited to fulfill it than you... Gabel: Think carefully, human, for this mission will bring you into real danger. Are you prepared to do us that final favour? Player: yes Gabel: All right. Listen! Thanks to Rata'mari's report we now know what Malor is up to: he wants to do to me what I have done to him - he wants to imprison me in Fa'hradin's lamp! ... Gabel: Of course, that won't happen. Now, we know his plans... Gabel: But I am aiming at something different. We have learnt one important thing: At this point of time, Malor does not have the lamp yet, which means it is still where he left it. We need that lamp! If we get it back we can imprison him again! ... Gabel: From all we know the lamp is still in the Orc King's possession! Therefore I want to ask you to enter the well guarded halls over at Urkgzag and find the lamp... Gabel: Once you have acquired the lamp you must enter Mal'ouquah again. Sneak into Malor's personal chambers and exchange his sleeping lamp with Fa'hradin's lamp! ... Gabel: If you succeed, the war could be over one night later! I and all djinn will be in your debt forever! May Shakir watch over you!

Fa'hradin's Lamp
Gabel asked you to obtain Fa'hradin's lamp from the Orc king and to then place said lamp in Malor's personal chambers.


  • WARNING! The first time each player says "Hi" to the Orc King, he will spawn an army of orcs. Be careful not to talk until you are ready.
  • Talk to the Orc King and ask him about a "lamp". He will then ask you who you want to imprison in the lamp, tell him "Malor".

  • Head back to Yehsha.
  • Take the lamp into the Green Djinn fortress, and sneak into Malor's personal bedchamber. You will need to take the secret entrance again, and go to the top floor. You will encounter an increasing number of Green Djinn, Efreet, and Gargoyle on your way up. Bring some Dwarven Ring and some very strong shooters and blockers to help you. It can be done solo with a Warrior if you have Berserk and a good amount of Mana Fluid, or with a Mage with Ultimate Explosion.
  • When you reach Malor's bedchamber, "use" the lamp you have on the lamp that is next to his bed, carefull when going down the tower, monsters will usually respawn.
  • Return to Gabel in the Blue Djinn fortress and tell him you completed the "mission". You will now be able to buy and sell good equipment with the Blue Djinns.

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