Flooded Tomb

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Flooded Tomb
One of the ancients tombs located near Yehsha. Entrance is hidden below a rock which you can remove by pulling a lever in a nearby cave. Half of this tomb is flooded which slows down movement of the characters.
Recommended Level:20+ for upper levels, minimum 50 for lower levels
Location:North of Yehsha
Be prepared
to face:
Skeleton, Scorpion, Waterblob, Larva, Scarab, Ghoul, Ghost, Gargoyle, Stone Golems, Eye of Shadow, Mummy, Watcher, Crypt Shambler, Revenant, Vampire, Bonebeast, Necromancer, Titan
Strategy:You could probably hunt with GFBs on this tomb but there is also plenty of monsters immune to fire which makes it harder.
Notes:Lots of Stone Golems and Gargoyle on deeper lever and 5 Titans.

One of the best places to do the Gargoyle task.
There is a total of 26 gargoyles on this floor, which will take about 10 laps to complete the task.


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