Sword of the Primordial Fire

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Sword of the Primordial Fire.png
You see a Sword of the Primordial Fire (Atk:49 Def:27). 
It weighs 107.0 oz.
The blade of this sword is enchanted with an ancient flame.
Item Rank:350
Properties:Strength (9), Primordial Fire Strike, Primordial Fire Swing
 Flawless (1), Parry (5%), Gouge (20%), Strength (10), Resistance (Fire, 3%)
Description:The blade of this sword is enchanted with an ancient flame.
Weight:107.0 oz
Dropped by:None.
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:Players only.
Note:This item can be used to its full potential even at a lower level as long as you have completed the Archini Faction.
WARNING: Players who haven't finished the Archini Faction will take damage if they try to use this weapon or its active effect!!
This weapon's additional damage properties do primordial fire damage which is different from regular fire and damages most creatures.
One of the rewards available to be selected upon finishing the Archini Faction.
One of the best known one-handed Swords in-game.

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