Fire Hammer

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Fire Hammer
You see a Fire Hammer (Atk:69 Def:8). 
It weighs 92.0 oz.
The fire within the hammer is glowing.
Item Rank:80
Properties:Strength (3)
Haste (3%), Crushing Blow (3%), Perseverance (3%), Strength (3), Flame Strike
Description:The fire within the hammer is glowing.
Weight:92.0 oz
Dropped by:Fiery Beetle, Drake, Drake Lord, Red Wyvern, Cerberus, Flamebringer, Archiona, Phoenix, Blight Omen
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:
ArakDraculd (20,000 gp; only after completing mission 1 of the Lightbringer Faction)
Note:Obtainable through the Dragon Maze Quest.

Possible reward from The Magma Lair dungeon.

Old sprites: Fiery hammer.png Firehammer2.gif

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