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Drolgruth MerchantIcon.png
Drolgruth MerchantIcon.png
Location: Can appear in one of two different locations in Sheol each day. One location is past the Key 9966 gate and then south down a hole in the lava area, and the other is somewhere beyond the Black Gate.
Occupation:Sheol Merchant
Notes:Drolgruth buys a wide variety of very and extremely rare items.

Item: Name: Price:
This merchant does not sell anything.
Item: Name: Price:
Venerator Mask.png Venerator Mask 500 gp
Double Axe Head.png Double Axe Head 3000 gp
Ritual Dagger.png Ritual Dagger 6000 gp
Webcrawler Shield.png Webcrawler Shield 12000 gp
Angry Soul.gif Angry Soul 20000 gp
Broken Whip.png Broken Whip 23500 gp
Tainted Soul.gif Tainted Soul 25000 gp
Forgotten Soul.gif Forgotten Soul 30000 gp
Arcane Shoes.png Arcane Shoes 35000 gp
Ashlord Shield.png Ashlord Shield 40000 gp
Red Heels.png Red Heels 41500 gp
Warlord Helmet.png Warlord Helmet 42000 gp
Arcane Cowl.png Arcane Cowl 45000 gp
Arcane Kilt.png Arcane Kilt 50000 gp
Webcrawler Boots.png Webcrawler Boots 53000 gp
Arcane Robe.png Arcane Robe 64500 gp
Observer Helmet.png Observer Helmet 67000 gp
Skullbreaker.png Skullbreaker 78000 gp
War Axe.png War Axe 80000 gp
Observer Shield.png Observer Shield 82000 gp
High Heels of Seduction.png High Heels of Seduction 84000 gp
Watcher Boots.gif Watcher Boots 85000 gp
Angelic Boots.png Angelic Boots 95000 gp
Virulent Clawboots.png Virulent Clawboots 100000 gp
Lich Grimoire.png Lich Grimoire 108000 gp
Watcher Legs.gif Watcher Legs 110500 gp
Arcane Tunic.png Arcane Tunic 125000 gp
Watcher Armor.gif Watcher Armor 125000 gp
Virulent Helmet.png Virulent Helmet 130000 gp
Emberwake Tunic.png Emberwake Tunic 142000 gp
Plague Mask.png Plague Mask 145000 gp
Angelic Helmet.png Angelic Helmet 152000 gp
Jade Tear.png Jade Tear 165000 gp
Ruby Tear.png Ruby Tear 165000 gp
Jadeite Boots.png Jadeite Boots 178000 gp
Deepshadow Boots.png Deepshadow Boots 200000 gp
Shadowfall Crossbow.png Shadowfall Crossbow 200000 gp
Demonic Axe.png Demonic Axe 215000 gp
Soulstealer Armor.png Soulstealer Armor 218000 gp
Fire Whip.gif Fire Whip 220000 gp
Angelic Plate Armor.png Angelic Plate Armor 222000 gp
Angelic Platemail.png Angelic Platemail 222000 gp
Virulent Legs.png Virulent Legs 225000 gp
The Deathraze.png The Deathraze 235000 gp
Deepshadow Mask.png Deepshadow Mask 245000 gp
Artifact of Penance.png Artifact of Penance 250000 gp
The Bloodcurser.png The Bloodcurser 280000 gp
Deepshadow Legs.png Deepshadow Legs 285000 gp
Blazing Greatsword.gif Blazing Greatsword 300000 gp
Heavy Truncheon.png Heavy Truncheon 300000 gp
Hellforged Legs.png Hellforged Legs 300000 gp
Umbral Boots.png Umbral Boots 300000 gp
Umbral Helmet.png Umbral Helmet 300000 gp
Mirror Shield.png Mirror Shield 310000 gp
Virulent Armor.png Virulent Armor 320000 gp
Deepshadow Robe.png Deepshadow Robe 325000 gp
Umbral Legs.png Umbral Legs 335000 gp
Deepshadow Amulet.png Deepshadow Amulet 340000 gp
Flaming Aegis.gif Flaming Aegis 375000 gp
Emberwake Ring.png Emberwake Ring 400000 gp
Chaos Axe.png Chaos Axe 600000 gp
Chaos Hammer.png Chaos Hammer 600000 gp
Chaos Sword.png Chaos Sword 600000 gp
The Dawnbringer.gif The Dawnbringer 600000 gp
The Lightbane.gif The Lightbane 600000 gp
The Twilight.gif The Twilight 600000 gp
Dreadweave Robe.png Dreadweave Robe 600000 gp
Hellforged Armor.png Hellforged Armor 600000 gp
The Ward of Sheol.png The Ward of Sheol 625000 gp
Solar Amulet.png Solar Amulet 666000 gp
Umbral Plate Armor.png Umbral Plate Armor 688000 gp
Umbral Platemail.png Umbral Platemail 688000 gp
Umbral Robe.png Umbral Robe 688000 gp
Hallowed Flame.png Hallowed Flame 145000 gp
File:Abyssal Scriptures.png Abyssal Scriptures 8000 gp
File:Abysmor Claw.png Abysmor Claw 8000 gp
Eyes of Abysmor.png Eyes of Abysmor 6000 gp
Hallowed Piece of Cloth.png Hallowed Piece of Cloth 6000 gp
Prismatic Shard.png Prismatic Shard 5000 gp
Abyssal Fang.png Abyssal Fang 5000 gp
Blazing Core.gif Blazing Core 80000 gp