Solar Amulet

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Solar Amulet.png
You see a Solar Amulet (Arm:1). 
It weighs 8.0 oz.
Item Rank:540
Properties:Intelligence (5), Dexterity (5), Strength (5), 5% fire resistance, 5% physical resistance, +15 speed
 Resistance (Physical, 3%), Resistance (Fire, 3%), Superior (2), LINKED:{Intelligence (7) + Dexterity (7) + Strength (7)}
Weight:8.0 oz
Dropped by:Baalerun
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:
SheolDrolgruth (666,000 gp)
Note:The amulet can be "enchanted" with a Blessed Sigil which imparts upon it the properties of an Amulet of Loss - prevention of item loss upon death, the sigil is also lost upon death and a new one has to be applied.

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