Angelic Platemail

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Angelic Platemail.png
You see an Angelic Platemail (Arm:18). 
It weighs 290.0 oz.
Item Rank:360
Properties:Strength (16), 4% holy resistance, 6% lifedrain resistance, 1% physical resistance
Superior (1), Vitality (100/75/50), Fortitude (24), Resistance (Holy, 4%), Resistance (Death, 3%), Strength (19)
Weight:290.0 oz
Dropped by:Holy Sentinel
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:
SheolDrolgruth (222,000 gp)
White Lady1x Angelic platemail.png Angelic Platemail for 1x Dawnlight.png Dawnlight
(only after you have completed the White Light Faction)
Note:Provides 4% holy resistance and 6% lifedrain resistance while worn.
The best armor for blocking Holy Sentinels and Icons of Light.
One of the better rewards from the Archbishop Zorbar reward chest, also obtainable as extremely rare loot from Holy Sentinels.

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