White Light Faction

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Priestess of Light.png White Light Faction
Reward: 5,500,000+ Experience Points; Divine Flame, Sentinel Outfit; Angelic Legs; possibility to purchase the 6th Blessing
Location: All over Medivia
Level required: 0; 300+ recommended (Completed Priest of Light required for Archbishop fight)
Items required:
Be prepared to face: Old Skeleton, Mindless Worshiper, Priest of Light, Priestess of Light, Holy Sentinel, Icon of Light, Archbishop Zorbar, Shadow, Chaos Fiend, Plant Devourer, Chaos Worshiper, Shadow Guard, Ritualist, Tenebraex
Legend: ...
32px-Important Icon.png This article may contain quest spoiling information!

Mission 1 - Initiation

  • To join the faction go to the White Light Church in Eschen (here Map.png) and speak to NPC Cyril.
  • Ask Cyril to join the Church.
  • The cost of the expenses to get baptised and join the church is 20,000 gold coins.

Mission 2 - Clearing the cellar

  • When you ask Cyril for a new mission, he will ask you to clear away the cobwebs from the church's cellar.
  • Go downstairs and destroy 10 cobwebs with the broom given to you by Cyril.


  • Report back to Cyril and say mission.

Mission 3 - Purifying the corpses

  • Cyril will send you to the White Flower Temple east of Eschen (here Map.png).
  • Speak to NPC Jaseb in the temple and ask him for a mission, he will ask you to destroy and purify the remains of 50 Old Skeletons under the temple using a Bottle of Holy Water.


  • After doing so, report the mission back to Jaseb who will send you back to the church in Eschen.

Mission 4 - Collecting donations

  • Cyril will send you on a mission to collect taxes from Dianne (here Map.png), Padric (here Map.png) and Andre (here Map.png).
  • Ask them about revenue.
  • After collecting the money from the NPCs, return to Cyril and say mission.

Mission 5 - Abduction of Adam

  • Cyril will ask you to visit Archbishop Zorbar who is located south of Eschen (here Map.png).
  • Once you're done speaking to Zorbar, return to Cyril and say mission, he will send you to look for a missing parishioner, Adam.
  • Go to the Ancient Temple (here Map.png), follow the route as shown below:


  • Pull the lever under the boxes at the yellow circle to open the bars south of Adam:
  • After speaking to Adam, report back your mission to Cyril in Eschen.

Mission 6 - Stolen Robe

Mission 7 - Burning the crops

  • Level 60 required.
  • NPC Cyril wants you to burn crops on the Vindia Farm to teach the unruly farmers a lesson.
  • Travel to Vindia and use the Fire Sword given to you by Cyril on the wheat (here Map.png)
  • Note: Wheat must be fully grown!
  • Report back to Cyril.

Mission 8 - Manuscript of Fire

Mission 9 - Infiltration

  • Cyril will order you to infiltrate the heretics' hideout in Dynahall.
  • The entrance is located in the local church (here Map.png); to open it you need to pull the lever hidden below some boxes north-west from the church (here Map.png)
  • For the following missions you'll need 40 Meat, 40 Hams, and later 5 War Hammers and 4 Crown Legs.
  • Proceed downstairs and speak with the Guard Timon - use the keyword Ormak when he asks who sent you.
  • There are several NPC's you'll be speaking to inside the hideout.
  • First talk to Kubar and say mission, he will then send you to Kazor.
  • Kazor will ask you to bring him 40 Ham and 40 Meat (NOTE: Must have all of the food on you at once!).
  • Kazor will send you to Chef Garden with the food to prepare (NOTE: Must have all of the food on you at once!).
  • Chef Garden sends you to report to Miron that the food rations are ready.
  • Note that at some point you will get notification in white letters on your screen and in your server log informing you that you've spent enough time with the rebels and that you should report back to Cyril.
  • After reporting to Cyril, return to the base and report to Kubar.
  • Kubar will ask you to supply their armory with 5 War Hammers and 4 Crown Legs.
  • After delivering the items to Kubar, he will send you to speak with the rebels' leader Habram.
  • Habram will shed some light on the situation and the evil of the church of the Light and ask you to join the rebellion (you have to say yes!)

Mission 10 - Ending the Tyranny

  • Habram will ask you to slay 1000 Priests and Priestesses of Light on one the lower floors of the White Light Sanctuary (-1 has only priests and priestesses, -2 has sentinels so take care!!!).
  • The lower floors are opened by pulling a lever hidden under some boxes on one of the upper floors (red circle below), stairs appear inside the rooms on the ground floor:
    Whitelight5.png Whitelight6.png
  • Note: The priests are comparable to Warlocks, although they are somewhat stronger, especially with all 4 summons.
  • Complete the task and report back, you will be rewarded with 1,000,000 Experience Points.

  • Go back to Eschen and speak to Cyril.
  • Back again to Habram and ask him for another mission.
  • This time he will ask you to kill 400 Holy Sentinels in the sanctuary.
  • You will be rewarded with 2,500,000 Experience Points for completing this task.

  • Locations of Sentinels on the floors can be seen on the White Light Sanctuary page!
  • Note: Sentinels and Icons are extremely dangerous, level 340+ is recommended to block these while shooters use SD's to put them down quickly.
  • The next task is killing 250 Icons of Light.
  • You will be rewarded with 2,500,000 Experience Points for completing this task.
  • Locations of Icons on the floors can be seen on the White Light Sanctuary page!

Mission 11 - Archbishop Zorbar

  • It's time for a boss fight! Gather a huge team and face Archbishop Zorbar.
  • The one on this mission must speak to the Archbishop to start the fight.
  • You can participate in the fight and reward only after completion of "Priests of Light" task, there is no more level requirement.
  • Note: You won't be able to leave the room until the fight is done, either by the Archbishop being defeated or the mission host dying.

  • 5 Holy Sentinels will spawn, 1 by 1 with about 10 seconds in-between each spawn.
  • The Archbishop himself is insanely dangerous, it is recommended for the blockers to be extremely high-leveled (400-450+) and have multiple healers. The blockers should use highly protective equipment with Properties and Attributes, it may also be smart to use a Blessed Amulet as well as Exquisite Barbel Feasts for their 10 seconds of 25% damage reduction (at least for the final incantation), as well as druids' Staff of the Primordial Fire active effect which reduces incoming damage by 10% for 1 minute.
  • He can be lured to one of the south corners of the cathedral where he can then be trapped by 2 blockers next to pillars.
  • He can randomly disappear and reappear somewhere inside the room several times during the battle!
  • All shooters should be highly aware of the bishop's attacks (which can easily prove fatal): the Holy Smite random attacks some of which are completely random while some are "announced" as shown below, and the Final Incantation ultimate spell. It is highly recommended that everyone try very hard to avoid attacks and mages use Magic Shield (he also "teleports" around the room").

List of currently known Archbishop abilities:

  • Holy Explosion - 100-500~ damage (targeted +/Explosion shaped spell)
  • Holy Wave - 900~ damage (a simple 1 tile wide wave/beam)
  • Holy Smite (announced) - 700-2000? damage (randomly appearing Explosion-shaped attacks)
    Holy Storm warning.gif
  • Holy Smite - 1500-3500 damage (randomly appearing Explosion-shaped attacks announced by 2 smaller low-dmg attacks which come before it)
  • Holy Ball - 400-750~ damage (targeted spell with the area of effect of a Fireball)
  • Holy Nova - 800-1100~ damage (a large area of effect attack)
  • Large Holy Explosion - 500-1000~ damage (self-targeted Great Fireball-sized attack)
  • Final Incantation - 4000-7000~ damage (the Archbishop will start casting divine symbols around himself and begin chanting - CAUTION - when he finishes the chant (about 8 sec), a huge deadly spell is cast)

    Final Incantation.gif

  • Warning/chant before the Final Incantation:

Thou divine Providence...
Bestow upon me a share of Thy great power...
Strengthen me that I may destroy all foes who stand before me...
Come forth, divine lightning!

Mission 12 - Chaos Worshipers

After killing Archbishop Zorbar you will recieve a message to find the White Lady who resides within the Heart of Light in Minoras. When you use the "egg" you will find yourself in a new place with only a single NPC - the White Lady.

Player: mission
White Lady: You have finally arrived. To answer the most important question - I shall be a spirit, a god that is the answer to all the prayers of people living in the
White Lady: Just as Rashed was born out of a need for justice or Varazin from a desperate need for peace...
White Lady: The corruption consumed the whole Church, If I only could have aid you sooner... 
White Lady: It is not yet the time for me to be born young one. Even though I am without form and my strength is limited, I still cannot be whole. Not as long as the enemy
of light devours good of this world...
White Lady: The minds of my worshippers were infected with darkness and evil. They were nothing more than mindless sheep guided by those which are stealing energy
from my helpless form...
White Lady: The real enemies that worship the chaos gods. You see where light is, the dark follows. When I have been created my twin brother was as well. The egg that
carries blackness and void of this world...
White Lady: They are stealing my light and break it into pure energy to feed my twin. At this rate his arrival is at hand...
White Lady: They are hiding in the black world...
White Lady: It was sealed hundreds of years by Varazin yet through years the barrier deteriorated and that blackness sweeps into our world... 
White Lady: I have prepared a special passage for you. Touch the mirror below the heart of light and it shall take you on the Desolated Lands. This is where you need to
White Lady: Locate the tomb of Varazin below the Desolated Lands. Find it and destroy the darkness...
White Lady: First start by destroying 800 chaos worshipers...
White Lady: I cannot guide you any further as my current form is too weak and they keep sucking out all the energy I have... Hurry now, Player.

Your first mission from her is to defeat 800 Chaos Worshipers.

After defeating these you will be rewarded with the Sentinel Outfit, 1,000,000 Experience Points and a Divine Flame (essential in the next 2 tasks).

White Lady: Welcome, my child.
Player: Mission
White Lady: I can feel that a bit of energy is returning to me... 
White Lady: You have seen the realm of chaos, the seat of darkness. But you will have to return there...
White Lady: The light of this world is in your hands, without it there shall be only darkness... 
White Lady: I need you to destroy 500 of shadow guards to weaken the enemy enough to deal the final blow...
White Lady: You have returned unharmed, but this time it might be different...
White Lady: Take this set of blessed armor and this divine flame...
White Lady: This flame is a pure essence of light, a portion of my power. It can either strengthen you or weaken the enemies of dark, living in the realm of chaos. Now go
and return alive, Player.

Mission 13 - Shadow Guards

The next mission is to defeat 500 Shadow Guards.
The Divine Flame is essential in hunting these as it removes their 70% damage resistance.

  • You will be rewarded with 3,500,000 Experience Points for completing this task.

Mission 14 - Ritualists

  • The next misison is to defeat 350 Ritualists.
  • You will be rewarded with 3,500,000 Experience Points for completing this task.

Mission 15 - Tenebraex

  • After these 3 tasks, you will be asked to defeat the boss Tenebraex.
  • Once you defeat the evil Tenebraex, you will be rewarded with the Angelic Legs and the possibility to purchase Blessed Pendants from the white lady for 50,000 Gold as well as a sixth Blessing in exchange for 1 Dawnlight (your exp/skill loss is reduced to 0.4% from the usual 0.7% you have with 5 blessings and promotion).

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