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You see a Dawnlight
It weighs 0.2 oz.
Weight:0.2 oz
Dropped by:Priestess of Light, Priest of Light, Holy Sentinel, Icon of Light
Buy from:
White Lady3x Angelic boots.png Angelic Boots or
2x Angelic helmet.png Angelic Helmet or
1x Angelic platemail.png Angelic Platemail or
1x Angelic Plate Armor.png Angelic Plate Armor or
1x Sacred Arbalest.gif Sacred Arbalest (For 2 dawnlights)
Sell to:Players only.
Note:You can only get dawnlights from the White Lady in exchange for angelic items after you have finished the White Light Faction.
Provides a permanent, big white light. Extremely rare drop from White Light Faction monsters.
Also obtainable as one of the possible rewards from the Archbishop Zorbar reward chest.
Once you complete the White Light Faction, you can turn in one of these to the White Lady in exchange for the Blessing of the Goddess. This is the 6th player Blessing and further reduces experience and skill loss upon death by 0.3%. As with other blessings, it is lost upon death and can be repurchased again for another dawnlight.

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