Golden Sickle Quest

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Golden Sickle.png Golden Sickle Quest
Reward: Golden Sickle
Location: Novus
Level required: 0
Items required: Pick
Be prepared to face: Rat, Cave Rat, Mutated Rat
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  • First, go down south from the Novus village to the cave that leads to the Abandoned Tower Map.png.

Golden Sickle Quest Picture 1.PNG

  • Once you are there, go to the top floor and switch the lever, then head back down.

Golden Sickle Quest Picture 2.PNG

  • You will notice a newly created ladder going to the basement. Be careful of how many creatures there are though. It is wise to use a Rope to lure at least the Mutated Rats away from the horde.

Golden Sickle Quest Picture 3.PNG

  • In the cave, you need to use Pick on the marked square.

Golden Sickle Quest Picture 4.PNG

  • The reward is in the Box.

Golden Sickle Quest Picture 5.PNG

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