Novus Legs

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Compared to other kinds of equipment, there are very few different kinds of legs.
The most common kind of legs on Novus are the Leather Legs, since they are relatively easy to obtain.
The strongest that can be found on Novus are the Chain Legs.

Image: Name: Arm: Weight: Obtainable from:
Leather Legs.png Leather Legs 1 18.0 oz Lootable from: Minotaur, Minotaur Mage
Purchasable from: Norma (10 gp), Al Dee (10 gp), Dixi (10 gp), Lee'Delle (10 gp)
Studded legs.png Studded Legs 2 26.0 oz Lootable from: Orc Spearman
Reward from: Studded Legs Quest
Chain legs.png Chain Legs 3 35.0 oz Lootable from: Minotaur Mage (rare)
Plate Legs.png Plate Legs 7 50.0 oz Lootable from: Incinera (powerful dragon raid boss)

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