Mylvalone Quest

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Time Ring1.png Time Ring Quest
Reward: Time Ring, Elven Amulet, Crystal Ball
Location: Mylvalone
Level required: 0
Items required: Machete
Be prepared to face: Elf Arcanist, Elf Scout, Elf, Revenant, Ghoul
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  • Find your way to Mylvalone and enter the hole here.
  • When you come down, head west.


Suggestion. Get a high level knight with enough hitpoints and Ultimate Healing Rune to run the creatures around while paladins can shoot bolts and Heavy Magic Missile runes at Revenant, while mages can fire Sudden Death Rune at the Elf Arcanist. A level 40 knight can, by themselves, take this room with little waste.
If you are a mage or a paladin, you should stand at the ramp and lure the monsters slowly because it is a big room and the monsters are spread out.

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