Dwarf Hell Quest

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Dwarfgeomancer.gif Dwarf Hell Quest
Reward: War Hammer, Dwarven Axe
Location: Mittenhoff Mines
Level required: 32+
Be prepared to face: Dwarf, Dwarf Soldier, Dwarf Guard, Dwarf Geomancer
Legend: A dwarven garrison guards a valuable treasure in a room deep underneath the surface.
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Go into the main and just follow the route.

You won't find anything dangerous on this floor.

You might find few Dwarf Soldiers in here.

You will find groups of Dwarf Soldiers in here.

Dwarf Guards spawn on this floor!

Careful! Even more Dwarf Guards!

Be very careful! This floor contains EXTREMELY huge amounts of Dwarf Soldiers, Dwarf Guards and Dwarf Geomancers! You won't be able to outrun the monsters, using GFBs is the best strategy.
Your reward awaits on that small island (yellow circle). To open the passage (the Bridge), you need to use Destroy Field on all stones with energy fields (red circles).

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