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Aividem is an alternate version of the Desolated Lands, a dimension shut away long ago by Varazin using The Shatterer of Worlds. Access is gained through the White Light Faction after defeating Archbishop Zorbar. The White Lady tasks you with entering this world and culling the ranks of the followers of chaos and her dark counterpart Tenebraex.
Once you have completed the Demonic Faction you can take passage from Aividem to the Church of Anchegul and face the forces of chaos.


Image: Name: Experience: Hitpoints:
Plant Devourer.gif Plant Devourer - 1,370
Shadow.gif Weakened Shadow 12,600 4,800
Chaos Worshiper.png Chaos Worshiper 8,400 4,800
Shadow Guard.png Shadow Guard 37,000 25,000
Ritualist.png Ritualist 51,000 34,500.
Manacrawler.png Manacrawler 1,760 3,700