Blue Wyvern

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Blue Wyvern
Blue Wyvern.png
Heart.png Hit Points: 7000
Xp.png Experience: 8050
Summon.png Summon:
Convince.png Convince:
Abilities:Melee (0-300~), Ice Bomb (400-480~ ; distance only), Ice Strike (240-330~), Ice Beam (270-330?), Expanding Ice Bomb (250-360? ; more if you try to move away and get hit by expanding waves)
Push Objects:✔️
Est. Max Damage:1300+? hp per turn in melee; 1100+ hp per turn from a distance
Immune To:Fire, Poison, Ice
Neutral To:Physical, Energy
Task:600 (Experience Tasks)
Note:Icy counterpart to the Red Wyvern.
Strategy:Comparable to a stronger Frost Dragon, keep diagonal to avoid the wave, dont run around while killing it on melee to avoid getting hit repeatedly with the expanding ice bomb. Distance fighters and mages soloing should be careful with their Ice Bomb which can deal over 400 dmg per turn, as much as 1100 when combined with the Ice Strike.
Loot:0-? Gold Coin, 0-? Frozen Ham, 0-? Small Sapphire, Broad Sword, Life Crystal, Permafrost Longsword, Noble Armor, Tower Shield (semi-rare), Crusader Helmet (rare), Dragon Slayer (very rare), Crystallized Crossbow (very rare), Crystallized Bow (very rare), Icebound Helmet (very rare), ???
Skinnable:Blue Wyvern Wing.png Blue Wyvern Wing with Hunter's Knife.png (~1-2%)
Blue Wyvern Horn.png Blue Wyvern Horn with Skinning knife.png (1%?)
Location:Blue Wyvern Lair

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