Dragon's Treasure

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Dragon lord.png Dragon's Treasure
Reward: 26 Platinum Coins, 4 Small Diamonds, White Pearl, 3 Small Sapphires, 4 Small Emeralds, 2 Small Rubies and 3 Small Amethysts
Location: Arak south dragon spawn
Level required: 40
Be prepared to face: Dragon, Dragon Lord
Legend: Never get between a dragon and their treasure.
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  • Follow the path marked in red from Arak's south gate to the shovel spot to access Arak's dragon lair. Be prepared to fight several scorpions once you go down.

Arak South Gate To Arak Dragons 1.png Dragon's Treasure Route2.png

  • Beware, a single Dragon Hatchling might be lured to the stairs.
  • Walk over that brown stone and levitate up/place 3 parcels or boxes at the end of the path to go one floor up. Afterwards, walk around to get to the skeleton of the Dragon there.

The Walkable Stone.png

Key from Dragon Skeleton.png

After you got the key, go back the way you came. Go down. Be prepared to fight a single Dragon Hatchling.

Going back down.png

The ground level has a number of Dragon Hatchlings. Beware that if you click the egg then a Dragon Lord Hatchling will respawn.

Continued route.png

Once you go down, it is a Dragon Hatchlings cave. Follow the red path.

Dragon hatchling cave 1.png

Dragon hatchling cave 2.png

Dragon hatchling cave 3.png

Rope spot leads to the surface of Arak's dragon lair, north respawn. Here any number of dragons might be lured. But overall, if not lured, it's possible not to even encounter one dragon.

Dragon Lair surface.png

Levitate up and then down. Click the lava spot in order to go down.

2x Levitation.png

Now, use the key you got in order to unlock the quest door.

Key door.png

Path Blocked By Lava.png
Now you'd find out the path is blocked by lava as marked in the red circle in the picture. The trick to open the path is to walk over the lava as shown in the pictures, and click the lava hole to turn it on (if it's turned on already then the path is open already).
Dragon Lava.png
Walkable Lava and Clickable Lava Hole.png

Now you the path is opened. Go ahead and go up until you reach ground floor. No turns to get lost in. There is only one path to follow.

Path opened.png

Beware that one Dragon Lord, one Dragon, one Dragon Lord Hatchling, and one Dragon Hatchling will respawn once someone level 40+ clicks the big treasure chest. The rest of the items on the floor cannot be moved/taken.

Treasure Room.png

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