Dream Tomb

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Dream Tomb
One of the ancients tombs located near Yehsha. Requires a shovel to get into but also to get out.
Recommended Level:20+ for the first 2 floors, 50+ on floor -3 and deeper
Experience:Very Good, one of the best tombs
Location:North west of Yehsha
Be prepared
to face:
Skeleton, Scorpion, Larva, Scarab, Ghoul, Ghost, Eye of Shadow, Mummy, Watcher, Crypt Shambler, Revenant, Vampire, Bonebeast, Necromancer, Ancient Scarab, Giant Spider
Strategy:One of the best tombs to hunt with GFBs. Higher levels of this tomb are very friendly for low level characters.
Notes:It is a very good place to make Mummy and Crypt Shambler task.

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