Emperor Scorpion Caves

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Emperor scorpion.png
Emperor Scorpion Caves
Great hunting spot for Archers and Mages.
Recommended Level:50+ Archers / 60+ Knights / 45+ Mages (with summons)
Experience:Archers - Great / Knights - Average / Mages - Excellent
Location:North of Yehsha
Be prepared
to face:
Scorpion, Emperor Scorpion
Strategy:Avoid be hited by Poison Beam, Use HMM and 2 Revenants summoned if you are Mage.
Notes:Emperor Scorpion has Poison on Melee Hit it begin with 40 per tick, so do not let him hit you unless you are a knight.


Emperor Scorpion Caves Route.png

Map of Spawn

Emperor Scorpion Caves Map of Spawn.png