Exquisite Perch Meal

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Exquisite perch meal.png
You see a Exquisite Perch Meal (increases health regeneration).
It weighs ?? oz.
Effect:Regenerates an additional 3 health points per 6 seconds (Total 3600 points of hp).
Duration:120 minutes
Ingredients:4x Yellow perch.png 4x Dragon Ham.gif 7x Corncub.png 10x Egg.gif
Skill to cook:30
Weight:?? oz.
Dropped by:Monk (recipe), Mindless Worshiper (recipe), Slave Guard (recipe), Vigilante (recipe)
Buy recipe from:Players only.
Sell recipe to:
AbukirOmar (4,000 gp; only after completing In service of Omar.)
Note:The recipe teaches how to cook an exquisite perch meal.
This meal heals your body as it contains a lot of calories and protein.
Wounded people state that the regeneration is said to be moderately faster.
Obtainable through Cooking.

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