Helmet of the Fallen King (Soul Emerald)

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You see a Helmet of the Fallen King (Arm:13). 
It weighs 28.6 oz.
The gem is glowing with power.
Item Rank:250
Properties:Strength (9)
 Streamlined (15), Vitality (75/57/38), Resistance (Physical, 1%), Strength (10), Fortitude (13)
Description:The gem is glowing with power.
Weight:28.6 oz
Dropped by:None.
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:Players only.
Note:One of the best helmets ingame, also known as HotFK. It can be permanently crafted by combining a Helmet of the Fallen King with a Soul Emerald.

The color of the helmet and its light can be changed to one of three (blue, purple or red) and it costs 100 Medivia Coins (the light changes from green to white in all 3 cases). To do this, find NPC Mazarin in the Fiery Pit Tomb in a hidden pickhole.  Ask him about his 'job' and then about an 'artifact' and finally say 'medivia coins'.
The color effect can be reverted for free to the original green by using the keywords 'revert effect'. You will not get any Medivia Coins back though.
Colour variations of the helmet, in order blue, purple and red:

Full dialogue to change colour
16:12 Mazarin: Welcome, adventurer!

16:12 Popty Ping: artifact 16:12 Popty Ping: job 16:12 Mazarin: Ancient magic, as old as time and harmless. Brings essence to all things, living or dead... 16:12 Mazarin: I am a hermit, living there since ancient times, long before the Last Cataclysm... 16:12 Mazarin: May the rainbow follow you. 16:12 Mazarin: The colorful gods granted me and my brothers immortality and for this we devoted ourselves to living so far away from civilization, hidden from eyes of unknown... 16:12 Mazarin: It's been years now since I started feeling this sinister presence nearby, holding a part of a bigger whole, but what is it?... 16:12 Mazarin: I wish I could lay my hands on such a masterpiece, this way I could learn something new... 16:13 Mazarin: I will offer mine services if you will bring me this artifact, guarded by a demon living here. 16:13 Popty Ping: artifact 16:13 Mazarin: Did you manage to obtain this artifact? 16:13 Popty Ping: yes 16:13 Mazarin: I have never seen such a powerful artifact in my life... But my power exceeds this helmet's power. Thank you, Popty Ping, for bringing it... 16:13 Mazarin: As I promised, I will use my magic on it. What color do you choose? Blue, purple or red? 16:13 Popty Ping: purple 16:13 Mazarin: Purple... Hmm... I said I will use my magic, but not for free... To change color of this gem I need a special metal... 16:13 Mazarin: Grinded to powder and mixed with this colorful water, it acquires magical properties needed to perform my magic... 16:13 Mazarin: Medivia coins are made from this metal. Bring me 100 of them and I will recolor this helmet for you. 16:13 Popty Ping: medivia coins 16:13 Mazarin: Do you have 100 Medivia coins and a helmet with you? 16:13 Popty Ping: yes 16:13 Mazarin: Good. I will do what I promised. Can you remind me what color you wanted? Was it blue, purple or red? 16:13 Popty Ping: purple 16:13 Mazarin: Tu.. et... mu... tare!... 16:13 Mazarin: I knew that I can make it! Here is your helmet. Thanks to you I could learn something new... 16:14 Mazarin: Dealing with this kind of power is a good training. I will gladly do this again, if you will bring me more coins... 16:14 Mazarin: I can also remove effects of my magic from this item. No gems are required to revert it to its original color, so let me know if you want me to do this. 16:14 Popty Ping: bye 16:14 Mazarin: May the rainbow follow you.


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