Nocturne Platemail

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Nocturne Platemail.gif
You see a Nocturne Platemail (Arm:18). 
It weighs 165.0 oz oz.
Item Rank:600
Properties:Strength (27), 6% curse resistance, 6% death resistance
 Superior (1), Vitality (100/75/50), Resistance (Curse, 6%), Resistance (Physical, 3%), Strength (32), Fortitude (40)
Weight:165.0 oz oz
Dropped by:None.
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:Players only.
AnchegulUmbral Platemail.png + Cursed Soulheart.gif = Nocturne Platemail.gif
Note:A chaos-strengthened Umbral Platemail.
Nocturne set pieces can only be used and crafted by players with the 'Blessing of Anchegul' obtained through the Purging Chaos Quest.

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