Purging Chaos Quest

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Cursed Soulheart.gif Purging Chaos
Reward: 'Blessing of Anchegul' - Ability to craft and use Nocturne set pieces.
Location: Church of Anchegul
Level required: 0 (really 400+)
Items required: 50 Eyes of Abysmor, 50 Hallowed Piece of Cloth
Be prepared to face: Shadow Guard, Ritualist, Havoc Apostle, Abysmor
Legend: Gain the favor of the chaos god Anchegul to infuse your equipment with the strength of chaos.
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Bring 50 Eyes of Abysmor looted from Abysmors and 50 Hallowed Pieces of Cloth looted from Havoc Apostles to Anchegul in the Church of Anchegul.
After turning in the items he will upgrade your Umbral set pieces to Nocturne set pieces in exchange for a Cursed Soulheart for each item and give you the 'Blessing of Anchegul', allowing you to use the items.

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