Pharaoh Robe

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Pharaoh Robe.png
You see a Pharaoh Robe (Arm:13). 
It weighs 17.5 oz.
This robe was aforetime worn by a Pharaoh.
Item Rank:330
Properties:Intelligence (14), 6% manadrain resistance, +10 health, +30 mana
 Resistance (Death, 4%), Intelligence (17), Presence of Mind (2), Mana Absorb
Description:This robe was aforetime worn by a Pharaoh.
Weight:17.5 oz
Dropped by:None.
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:
OsarisKiran (200,000 gp) only after completing the Lord Azeran Quest
Note:Grants 6% manadrain resistance, +10 to your max health, +30 to your max mana and 2 magic levels if they are a Druid or Mage.
An extremely rare item, obtainable only as one of the rarer rewards from the Isingoma event.

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