Snow Ravager

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Snow Ravager
Snow Ravager.gif
Heart.png Hit Points: 1120
Xp.png Experience: 1600
Summon.png Summon: --
Convince.png Convince: --
Abilities:Melee (0-210), Icicle Bomb (causes freezing condition dealing DoT starting at 6), Frost Wave (Rare - causes freezing condition dealing DoT starting at 12)
Push Objects:✔️
Est. Max Damage:220+ hp per turn
Immune To:Ice, Invisibility
Neutral To:Physical, Energy, Fire, Lifedrain, Poison
Sounds:"Ulwalluuuuu!"; "Kawuuuu!"; "Grrrrrrrrr!"; "Tzsch!"
Task:200 (Order of the Holy Rose)
Note:Weaker than a regular Dragon at a distance, slightly more dangerous in melee range.
Loot:0-90 Gold Coin, 0-5 Ham, 0-5+ Meat, Frost Dagger (semi-rare), Permafrost Longsword (rare), Permafrost Stone (very rare), Snow Ravager Amulet (extremely rare)
Skinnable:Snow-ravager-fur.png Snow Ravager Fur with Skinpeeler.png(7.5%)
Location:Snow Ravager Cave (south), Snow Ravenger Mountain (north)

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