Order of the Holy Rose

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Necromantica.gif The Order of the Holy Rose
  • A total of 434,000 Experience;
  • A total of 480,000 Gold.

Upon completion:

  • A new spell for your vocation.
Location: Garrogat, Forgula, Coldridge
Level required: 100 (for the final mission)
Be prepared to face: Waterblob, Crystalbeast, Wendigo, Snow Ravager, Frost Drake, Nether Spider, Ice Golem, Frost Dragon, Azure Mercenary, Agaltha, Necromantica
Legend: Help the Order of the Holy Rose to combat the dangerous creatures roaming the icy lands of Forgula.
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Video of the mission: [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwgiGpfiEKU ]

  • Go and talk to Ruppel Heldmann in Garrogat castle and ask him if you can 'join' the Order of the Holy Rose. He'll ask you to find an item hidden somewhere on Coldridge. You need to find a green feather, which is located on the top of the Coldridge old lighthouse (south from orc camp). Be ready to face 3 Giant Spiders at once in a tiny room. Return to Ruppel Heldmann after obtaining it.

Mission 2: Waterblob/Crystalbeast/Wendigo Task

Video for Waterblobs task: [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvoX8XyePfM ]
Video for Crystalbeasts and Wendigos: [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UidV-IkWuKY ]

Mission 3: Snow Ravager Task

Video of the task: [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiGcF7xlp1Q ]

Mission 4: Investigation of Tar Priest Castle

Video of this mission: [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHQ7W1V_zuU ]

  • Ruppel Heldmann wants you to investigate the abandoned castle on Forgula which has been taken over by Tar Priests. First, you have to visit Garrick in the Lightbringers' Garrison below Arak and talk to him about this problem. Garrick doesn't want to provoke the tar priests so he will instruct you to find out what they are planning. You have to search through the castle.

When you find the book, bring it to Garrick and say frozen book, then mission. He will read the plans of the tar priests and send you back to Ruppel Heldmann.

Mission 5: Frost Drake Task

Video of this task: [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bSY-JdaySY ]

Mission 6: Visiting Ehrenfried

  • Ruppel Heldmann sends you to visit Ehrenfried. He is in Garrogat's Castle on the third floor, protected by a guard. To pass through the doors you need to say "hi > password > Mirraflus" to the guard. Speak to Ehrenfried and then return to Ruppel Heldmann.

Mission 7: Nether Spider/Ice Golem Task

Video for Ice Golems: [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eW1AYyFrcxE ]
Video for Nether Spiders: [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByLN_UnLNUM ]

  • Ruppel Heldmann wants you to kill 1000 Nether Spiders and 500 Ice Golems.
  • You can do both of these tasks at the same time. After each of them you'll be rewarded with 60,000 Experience and 5 Crystal Coins.

Mission 8: Agaltha

  • Ruppel Heldmann wants you to find and kill Agaltha.
  • You can access her room using a lever located in her secret halls in the Garrogat Cult Cave.
  • To open the hidden halls you'll need 5 players (not counting you) to stand on 5 buttons in a star-shaped room in the cult cave at the same time. The hidden stair passage only stays open while the players are standing on the buttons, so you should go to the location of the stairs while they go to the star room.
  • Go inside and you'll find yourself in a large room/floor with Priestesses. One of the smaller rooms will contain a lever and a button tile used to enter Agaltha's boss room.
    • Take care as you cannot bring a friend to help you with this one.
    • Agaltha summons Kaine who is similar to a Restless Skeleton but has much more health. There is a table in the room which you can run around to keep away from Kaine while you focus on shooting down Agaltha.
    • This is a difficult and generally long fight. Make sure you bring plenty of supplies and keep up your health while you kill her as quickly as possible using Sudden Death Runes. This fight can be dangerous for druids and mages around or below level 150, so keep your health up and keep away from Kaine!

After killing Agaltha, report back to Ruppel Heldmann. You'll be rewarded with 4,000 Experience and 1 Crystal Coin.


Mission 9: Frost Dragon Task

Video on where to do this task: [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ7Oh-MpC9g ]

Mission 10: Evidence of Betrayal

  • You will be asked to find evidence of the Azure Mercenaries' betrayal. You will have to look for it under Thoris castle (here Map.png).
    • WARNING: You may run into an extremely dangerous Azure Mercenary on this mission if you're not careful! Go very slowly and don't open any doors you dont need to. You will be able to do it without facing any azures if you don't go the wrong way and if the area isn't lured.
  • You have to open the bookshelf on the bottom floor to the right in order to find the evidence and complete this mission.


  • Open the bookshelf marked by the red square to complete this mission, the skull marks are the Azure Mercenaries, you can place 2 magic walls at the spot shown on the image to block the passage for extra safety.

Mission 11: Azure Mercenary Task

Video of a way to do the task: [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi_uMi0fSo8 ]

  • These can easily one-hit you so you need to be extremely careful. The strategy shown in the video includes a druid using the Wild Growth spell in a door (hold down hotkey, face door and open it) to allow shooters to shoot through it and not allow the azure to reach them.
    • Using this strategy keep in mind the 45 second duration of the wild growth and make sure you have enough fire-power to kill the azure before it disappears.
  • Ruppel Heldmann wants you to slay 250 Azure Mercenaries. The reward is 100,000 Experience and 20 Crystal Coins.

Mission 12: Slaying Necromantica

  • Ruppel Heldmann will tell you to speak to the Lightbringers for help with killing Necromantica, a twisted soul that haunts Forgula.
  • Speak to Garrick about 'Necromantica' in the Lightbringer base in Arak.
  • Go back to Ruppel Heldmann in Garrogat once again and he will give you the mission to slay necromantica.
    • Your questlog under the mission should say:
      'Ruppel Heldmann is glad the Lightbringers are willing to join the fight against Necromantica. He has asked you to lead the fight. He wants you to find her grave and put her to final rest.'
  • You will find her deep in the tomb under Skeleton Island. Level 100 is required to enter the door leading to her chamber. A large team is needed to defeat her.

[ Detailed video guide on how to do this mission ]

  • For this mission, you will be rewarded with a New spell and the rest of the team will obtain a random item from the large ice chest in Icenhaal.

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