Swamp Hell Quest

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Moerius.png Swamp Hell Ques
Reward: Envenomed Crossbow
Location: Luana
Level required: 90
Be prepared to face: Fetish Warrior, Fetish Bloodweaver, Fetish Shaman, Winged Vermin, Swamp Demon, Moerius
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First, go to the Fetish Camp located north of Luana.
Enter the upper floors of this tower.
From the chest take Key 9623.


Enter the hidden hole and follow the only path.


Next step is dangerous, and it's recommended to not attempt this quest solo unless high level!
This is one way only! There is no escape and you will have to kill the boss to survive.
To enter arena, pass this bridge:


On the arena you will have to fight boss Moerius and 6 regular Swamp Demons!!


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