Sudden Death Rune

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Encurso vita virtus.png Sudden Death
Incantation: Encurso Vita Virtus
Cost: 3000 gp
Magic Level: 25 (spell) 15 (to use)
Charges: 1
Dropped by: Shakirian Prayer, Nightmare, Corruptor, Havoc Apostle
Mana: 180 magic points
Premium: ✔️
Effect: Conjures a Sudden Death Rune that causes physical damage on a single target. It contains one charge.
Note: The most powerful rune in the game. Very useful in PvP situations. Can only be made by mages.
Buy spell from:
City Druids Mages Archers
Abukir --- --- ---
Arak --- Labella ---
Cirone --- --- ---
Eschen --- Eguleus ---
Garrogat --- --- ---
Lucindel --- Vana de Soldar ---
Mittenhoff --- Tuggot ---
Osaris --- Bedhin ---
Thoris --- Jakob ---
Yehsha --- Haffnal ---

Medivia Store:
Charges and price vary by world.

Check in-game store window.
Buy rune from:
City NPC Price (rune) Price (BP)
Lucindel Map.png Ethrihil 330 gp 6600 gp
Abukir Map.png Leila 330 gp 6600 gp
Thoris Map.png Torben 330 gp 6600 gp
Garrogat Map.png Jodi 330 gp 6600 gp
Icenhaal Map.png Frankie
Map.png Dwell
330 gp
330 gp
6600 gp
6600 gp
Mittenhoff Map.png Urgrim 330 gp 6600 gp
Osaris Map.png Hylsa 330 gp 6600 gp
Eschen Map.png Xanthus 330 gp 6600 gp
Arak Map.png Alexei 330 gp 6600 gp
Yehsha Map.png Cherf 330 gp 6600 gp

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