Arak Raids

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Orc Raid

Orcs appear in large amounts south and east of the town, after the third raid message several bosses appear as well which drop some of the famous Rogue Set pieces.

Server messages:

00:00 The southern wind carries with it a foul smell to Arak. 00:?? Orcs assemble at the front gate of Arak. 00:?? Massive orc warbands appear inside the city.~~

Image: Name:
Orc.gif Orc
Orc Berserker.gif Orc Berserker
Orc Warrior.gif Orc Warrior
Orcshaman.gif Orc Shaman
Orc Warlord.gif Orc Warlord
Orc Spearman.gif Orc Spearman
Orc Leader.gif Orc Leader
Orc Bowman.gif Orc Bowman
Orc Spearman.gif Dumbuk Thunderspear
Orc Shaman.gif Urzuk the Great
Orc Warrior.gif Chief Eichelberbog
Orc Bowman.gif Ulag Silverarrow
Orc Berserker.gif Grimmorc Ironfist
Orc Leader.gif Uruk Twinblade
Orc Warlord.gif Vruhag the Slaughterer

Dwarf Raid

Dwarves raid Arak around the north entrance.

Server messages:

00:00 A small troop of Dwarves has arrived to sabotage the timber industry of Arak!

Image: Name:
Dwarf.gif Dwarf
Dwarf Soldier.gif Dwarf Soldier
Dwarf Guard.gif Dwarf Guard
Dwarf Slayer.gif Dwarf Slayer

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