Exquisite Bluegill Feast

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Exquisite bluegill feast.png
You see a Exquisite Bluegill Feast (increases mana regeneration).
It weighs 14.0 oz.
Effect:Regenerates an additional 3 mana points per 20 seconds (Total 540 points of mana).
Duration:60 minutes
Ingredients:4x Bluegill.png 5x Orange mushroom.png 5x Exotic Tomatoes.gif 2x Sea Salt.png 1x Shrimp animated.gif
Skill to cook:35
Weight:14.0 oz.
Dropped by:Arcanist (recipe), Dwarf Geomancer (recipe), Channeler (recipe), Priestess (recipe)
Buy recipe from:Players only.
Sell recipe to:
AbukirOmar (10,000 gp; only after completing In service of Omar.)
Note:This feast has an effect on the concentrated power called Mana.
Magic performers state that the regeneration is said to be significantly faster.
Obtainable through Cooking.

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